How to Record My PC Screen with OBS Studio

In today’s article we are going to see how to record my PC’s screen with OBS Studio in a fairly simple way and above all in a few steps.

OSB is one of the best programs to record the screen of our computer, we can also use it to record through a camera or gameplay, among other things. It is a complex program but very easy to use, what you can achieve will depend on your imagination.

You can record videos to store them locally or you can do direct from here. It is by far one of the best programs in its field and best of all, it is 100% free.

Record my PC screen with OBS Studio

As soon as we start the program, it will ask us if we want the configuration wizard to be executed so that, in this way, the program is in charge of configuring all the parameters automatically .

This would be ideal in case you never used the program, since the wizard is quite accurate in this regard. What we must make clear is if we want it to stream (direct) or if we are going to record to save said file on our computer.

After selecting the option that suits us, the wizard will configure OBS with the optimal characteristics taking into account our computer and internet speed. After this we will have free access to the program and we can begin to configure the different options, the most important of which are:

  • Scenes : we can add all the scenes we want. They are used to add what we want to see on the screen. We can create many and depending on what we are doing select one or the other.
  • In this way we can prepare many different scenes depending on what we want to record and change in a matter of seconds.
  • Sources : sources are also essential because in this way we are indicating what we want to capture. It can be the screen, with a camera, a gameplay or all together.
  • Mixer : here you will find almost everything related to sound with respect to the program, you can add filters and many other things to improve the audio quality of both the microphone and the desktop.
  • Transitions : as the word itself says, we must configure this option when we are going to switch between different scenes in the middle of recording and transmission.
  • Controls : from here you can start or stop a recording, you can also do it with a live broadcast (direct classics) and you can access the configuration menu.

How to capture my PC screen with OBS Studio

To start recording it is essential that you configure the “Output” option that is found after clicking on ” Settings ” just below the right. By clicking on ” Settings ” you can see from the menu on the left sidebar that you find the ” Output ” option where you can configure everything related to recording and live broadcast.

In “Audio” you can modify everything you need to record with the microphone or the sound of Windows itself. The rest of the options, in case you do not understand too much about how the program works, we recommend that you leave them by default.

How to capture my PC screen ? From the sources section that we can see at the bottom you can do it. Just click on the gear icon and select the option to capture the screen.

You also have the option to directly capture a game, in case you want to record the gameplay . A new window opens where you must select the game that is running. You must do this after opening the game in question.



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