How to put a button to download files in Blogger?

Currently there are many pages where you can put a button to download files. But nothing better than using the Blogger blog to do it. Because this is a free service that allows you to  easily create, edit and manage your account .

It also allows you to create and put a button so you can download your files faster . So if you are interested in knowing how to put a button to download files on your blog, follow this guide.

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  1. What methods exist to add download buttons in Blogger?
    1. In HTML view
    2. From compose view
  2. How to change the size of the buttons in Blogger?
  3. How do you attach a timer to the download button?

What methods exist to add download buttons in Blogger?

From the configuration of your blog in Blogger, there are several methods that you can execute, to create the button for the downloads of the . You can do it from the HTML option or from the compose view. Next I will explain better how you can do with these two methods for creating the button.

In HTML view

This is an option that is widely used by Blogger users to create buttons, it is very easy to use. You just have to follow the steps that I will show you below:

  1. First you must have the style that you want to place the button on your blog, and then customize it. Then copy the code and paste it into your blog.
  2. Then in the settings you will go to the ‘Themes’ option. And you’re going to click ‘Edit HTML’.
  3. Press ‘CTRL + F’and  look for the code that appears on the screen.
  4. The code that you copied, you are going to paste it in the search option. This code is the download button on your blog.
  5. Now you must enter your blog and in the HTML option you are going to paste the code <divclass=’boton’>. This way you will have your download button.
  6. Finally if you want you can customize your button

You can also run a poll on your Blogger blog , since you can do it yourself directly on the blog. So that users who visit it can see it and respond at the end when you review it, you will see how much they responded.

From compose view

  1. First you must enter your blog in ‘Blogger’
  2. In order to create the button from this option, you must already have all the files that are going to be downloaded on your blog.
  3. Then select the ‘Create’ option and enter the ‘Files’ option. There you will look for the ones that are going to be downloaded.
  4. Copy the link that the same file gives you.
  5. Finally you must place an image to identify thedownload button.

If you want from the configuration you can also change the title of your blog in Blogger . This is one way to customize it. That is to say that if you do not like the title that you had put, you can easily modify it.

How to change the size of the buttons in Blogger?

The modifications that you want to make to the buttons in your Blogger, or to any template or design, you can do it directly from the configuration . That is, you can change the size of your buttons from the HTML option.

In the same way you manage your blog to your preference, so you should keep in mind that you can also publish PDF files on your Blogger blog . This is an effective way, since in the PDF format no modifications can be made, and your files will be safe.

How do you attach a timer to the download button?

The download button with timer is used more than anything so that it can last much longer on your blog . This gives you much more time for the users who visit the blog to have a chance to download the files. Next I will show you a series of steps that you must do so that you can place the timer button on your blog.

  1. First you must access your blog in ‘Blogger’
  2. Select the ‘Blogger Theme’ option. And therefore the Edit HTML option
  3. Press CTRL + F and the search part will put this code:]]>.
  4. You will be shown another code, a little longer, that you must copy and paste on top of the previous one. This will allow you to customize the button.
  5. Finally you must add this code: <divstyle=’text-align: center;’> <buttonclass=’ddd’ id=’btn’><iclass=’fa fa-download’>Download. In the HTML part and in this way the timer button will be ready on your blog.


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