How To Play With A Cat

In this article from Animal Expert we will show you everything you need to know about how to play with a cat , recommending toys to you.Take note!

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  1. Why is playing with a cat so important?
  2. What do cats play with?
  3. How to make a cat play? – 5 fun games
  4. Why doesn’t my cat play alone?
  5. Adapting the game to each stage
  6. How long do you have to play with a cat?
  7. How do I know if my cat is playing or fighting?

Why is playing with a cat so important?

Playing with the cat is not only a fun activity, but it is also essential for the animal’s mental health . “Play with the cat is important in providing the feline with the stimulating environment it needs to stay healthy and happy,” concludes a study on feline behavior at Tufts University (USA).

It should be remembered that the ancestors of the urban cat needed to hunt insects, birds, mice and other small mammals to survive. “A wild cat can hunt 10-20 small preys a day,” explain scientists from Ohio University, USA, who have conducted research into the importance of play for cats. These wild cats are ready to pounce on any possible prey as soon as they detect it. “Although our cats no longer need to hunt for food, they still need to pounce on objects and play, ” these experts add. So, they explain, games are a basic necessity , which keeps the furry friend happy and motivated. Play with the cat, in addition,it helps its owner to strengthen the affective bonds with his furry friend, besides helping him to smile more and to be happier.

How to play with your cat, the five funniest games

Hunting toys

Hunting toys are usually the most recommended and we can highlight the fishing rod or toy rod, whether it has feathers or stuffed animals at the end. It is usually the most appreciated toy by cats, although each one has their own preferences. We also find in this category stuffed mice or interactive toys that move on their own, such as the butterfly toy cat , many of them also emit noise.

Intelligence toys

We can also use intelligence toys, such as cat ball circuits , kong and other similar toys that act as food dispensers . Usually these types of toys combine physical and mental stimulation, but do not include the owner as a participant in the game. .

Here we propose 5 games for homemade cats:

  1. Motivating with the fishing rod: This is usually the most attractive game for a cat, since the fast movement of the fishing rod captures the attention of cats, which are much more sensitive to movement. If you do not have this toy, you can use any other that you have on hand, moving it constantly.
  2. Play hide and seek with the cat: do you think dogs are the only ones who know how to play hide and seek with humans? Hide behind a door and call your cat to come get you. Once he finds you, congratulate him warmly and reward him, even with a little piece of food. You can always use the same words to associate them with this activity. For example, ” Garfield, where am I ?”
  3. Propensity exercises: to carry out this activity you will not need much and, in return, you will get your cat to stimulate his balance, touch and also the sense of sight. They are especially popular in dogs, but can also be excellent in cats. In addition, they help the cat to gain self-confidence. You only need to put different textures and objects in a room, for example, bubble wrap, a square meter of fake grass or a ladder on the floor. Then you must scatter cat treats or rub them with catnip. The cat will experiment with new textures and shapes, while discovering.
  4. Olfactory exploration: Try hiding different herbs with odors in a more or less closed toilet paper carton, always paying attention to avoid toxic plants for cats . Some examples may be catnip, valerian or aloe vera. You will have a great time discovering new things.
  5. Tunnels and hidden prizes: In any specific store for pets (and even for children) you can find tunnels that your cat will adore. Hide a prize or some plant that might attract you to stimulate your curiosity. If you don’t know what to use, discover 10 scents that attract cats .

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