How to play WhatsApp audios at different speeds? – Android or iOS

WhatsApp, one of the best instant messaging applications, incorporates the function of playing audio or voice notes at multiple speeds. This is very helpful when we have friends and family reaching out like at a concert when they are sending an audio note.

The most used WhatsApp audio playback speed is ‘X2’, but this is not the only speed that WhatsApp has. Next, we will show you how to activate the acceleration function in the audios , what are the highest speeds to play audios and what to do when the mobile has problems accelerating the voice note within WhatsApp.

How to Play WhatsApp Audios at Different Speeds? – Android or iOS

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  1. How is the new function activated to speed up audio in WhatsApp?
  2. How to change the speed of WhatsApp audio on Android and iPhone?
  3. What are the speeds to play audio?
    1. 1X default
    2. 5X
    3. 2X
  4. What should be done if the audio speed cannot be increased?
    1. Update to the latest version
    2. reboot device
    3. Clear app cache

How is the new function activated to speed up audio in WhatsApp?

To activate this new audio acceleration function in WhatsApp, it is important and very necessary that you go to the Play Store and download the updated WhatsApp . The audio playback option from ‘1.5X’ to ‘2X’ is incorporated only in the new version of the WhatsApp application.

It should be noted that just as the normal WhatsApp is updated, the designers of WhatsApp Plus also create updates and improvements . So it would be good for you to take a look at each of the advantages of using WhatsApp Plus .

How to change the speed of WhatsApp audio on Android and iPhone?

In this new version of the app, to speed up any audio you just have to press it to start playing and on one side of it, you can see the speed at which the note is being played . In addition, another thing that stands out in the new version of the app is that you can pause the audio even if it hasn’t finished and the percentage bar will not appear in the mobile notifications.

It should be noted that below we will show how to speed up WhatsApp audio and first you have to know what are the requirements that you must meet to speed up the playback of your audios . In this way, you will know if your mobile will be able to speed up the voice notes to see if it is worth following the whole process until the end.

What are the speeds to play audio?

WhatsApp has multiple speed options to play the audios that are sent to you through the application. You need to know what those speeds are so that when the time comes to change the speed of your audios you don’t get tangled up and you learn to use the playback speeds well.

1X default

The default speed to play the audios in WhatsApp is ‘1X’. To place your voice notes at this speed, you should not do anything at all, just hit Play on the audio and you will hear the audio at that speed. However, with the speeds ‘1.5X’ and ‘2X’ the same does not happen, you manually have to set the voice note at that speed.


The ‘1.5X’ is a bit higher speed than the ‘1X’ and with this playback it is not necessary to play the audio twice because even if you listen faster , you can still understand all the content of it. In case ‘1.5X’ seems too slow for you, you can choose to use ‘2X’ playback speed.


‘2X’ playback speed is slightly faster than ‘1.5X’ and is not recommended for all voice or audio notes. Why do we say this? Well, because some people speak slowly and retarded , but there are others who speak more fluently and quickly.

If you use the ‘2X’ in a fast speaking audio it is possible that you will not understand almost anything that is said in it. But in the case of slow-speaking people, it is advisable to use ‘2X’.

What should be done if the audio speed cannot be increased?

Some users have had problems when changing the speed and have wondered what this is due to. Such a problem can occur on mobiles with the WhatsApp app for multiple reasons. The most common are an error in the application’s cache , an error in the processes executed by the application or due to an outdated or too old version of WhatsApp.

Update to the latest version

If the WhatsApp application on your mobile does not allow you to speed up playback of your audios , one of the things that can fix the problem is to update the app. To do this, you first have to check if WhatsApp is updated to the latest version . In case it is not updated, you will have to enter the Play Store app, press the icon with three lines that is on one side of the official window.

When doing this, the extra options of the Play Store will be displayed, within them look for an option called ‘My apps and games’, look for the WhatsApp application and proceed to update it.

reboot device

It is possible that when you checked the available WhatsApp updates you realized that you have the latest version. If that is what you have seen, you can try restarting your mobile so that the Play Store processes are finished and started again. In addition, sometimes the mobile has internal errors to start some apps.

By restarting the mobile, you will rule out possible internal errors that the mobile has or that the WhatsApp application has.

Clear app cache

Application cache can also cause some functions that should be running not to perform or not work as well. When this happens, the best thing to do is delete this data so that the app works as before.

For the WhatsApp cache, you have to enter the mobile settings, in the search engine, place ‘WhatsApp’ and press the application result that gives you the search. When you view the properties of the app, look for an option called ‘Clear cache’, press it and everything will be ready.


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