How to plan your day

Successful people realize the importance of being consistently productive each day and dedicate each day to extracting as much value as possible from that day, be it in their personal or professional growth. The tool they use to motivate them is their daily plan. Maintaining the practice of having a daily plan can help you stay focused on the priorities of that particular day. You are more likely to achieve things if you write down your plans for the day.

· Plan the night before each day. Spend 15-20 minutes each night before going to sleep to plan your next day. Brian Tracy, an internally acclaimed personal development expert, claims that one minute of planning will save you 10 minutes of executed action. If you wait until the next day to plan, you may encounter too many distractions and interruptions that will keep you from staying focused on a plan. By having a plan in place, you can check every opportunity that arises during the day against your past commitments and goals. Also by planning the night before, allow your subconscious mind to work through those tasks overnight and in the morning, you will know exactly what your commitments are for that day, instead of wasting that morning trying to figure out what it was you needed to finish. .

· Create a master to-do list. Your master list consists of all the tasks you can think of. Think of it as a brainstorming list. If you think of a task you might need to do, just put it on your master list. There is no commitment to act on any of the tasks on your master list. Its purpose is simply to record those tasks so that they are not forgotten. Any additional tasks that come up during the course of your day should go to your master list first.

· Create a to-do list. Your to-do list is made up of all the tasks that are of the highest priority to you and carries the most serious consequences, whether positive or negative. Take some time to carefully create this list because once a task enters your to-do list, it must be done that day. The tasks on your to-do list should not be postponed or rescheduled unless absolutely necessary because this will reinforce the bad habit of not maintaining your priorities, a habit that will always lead to procrastination, inactivity, and failure to meet your goals. weather. Your list of duties should be short in nature and should be no more than six items. It is very important that you address these elements first before moving on to other things.

· Create a to-do list. This is a list of things you should have done during the day, but they are not critical or necessary enough to ensure your inclusion on your to-do list. To-do items should be completed at your discretion only after all items on your to-do list have been completed.

· Keep a record of appointments. These are the times set during the day that are dedicated to a certain event. When you make an appointment, put it on your main calendar, and then transfer those appointments to your daily schedule every day.

· Delegate tasks. Always look at your to-do lists with an eye for the delegation. Successful people know they can’t do everything on their own and look at their to-do lists and wonder which of those activities they can turn in to others to complete. This is a critical aspect of taking advantage of your time.

· Three reprogramming and “you are out”. If you find yourself moving incomplete tasks the next day, and the next day, and the next day, then you should ask yourself the question of why that task is on your list in the first place and what value does it have in your life. Set a rule not to transfer a task more than three times.

· Plan your meals. Something that gets lost in almost every day plan is meal planning. Planning your meals is important because (1) it will save you money when eating out and (2) it is important for your health. There are some very successful business people who have their time management down to science, however these same people are the ones who regularly go through the drive-through of a fast food restaurant every day and are in poor health due to their diet. terrible. Remember that time management is life management and the number one priority on your daily list is: YOU!

By implementing these strategies for your day, you can successfully increase your personal and professional productivity and reach your dreams and goals much more efficiently.

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