How to open Paint or Control Panel from CMD on my Windows PC?


It is very common to open programs or a configuration window using a command from the run tool, by pressing the Windows + R key combination we can access it directly. One rip you should know is that all the commands executed in the Execute tool serve in the CMD.

That is, you can  with a command, but in this case if the same command is used in any tool . That is to say that from anywhere it is the same:

  • Open Command Prompt, the Run Tool, or PowerShell. Any option is valid.
  • Type the command ‘control’.
  • Hit Enter and you’re done.

How to create a desktop shortcut for Paint or Control Panel?

To create a shortcut, you just have to drag the executable icon to the desktop and that’s it. That is, locate the shortcut, either from the start menu or from its installation folder, then keep it pressed and move it to the desktop, you will notice that when you release it, it is created immediately.

Also, you have the options to right-click the Paint access icon or the control panel, and in the options that are displayed, place the cursor on ‘Send to’ to choose the Desktop option (Create shortcut) .


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