How to open a door with symbols and numbers in Hogwarts Legacy

What you need to do to solve the puzzle with magic doors in Hogwarts

Shortly after leaving your House common room in Hogwarts Legacy , you will come across locked doors surrounded by images of magical animals. When you try to open the door, two triangles will appear on the front side. In some corners of the “triangles” there will be numbers, in others – images of animals or “question marks”. Below we will tell you how to solve the puzzles on each of these doors. All such doors you can find exclusively in Hogwarts.

Opening such a door is quite simple – just solve an easy mathematical problem. Each of the magical beasts around the door is associated with a specific number. You can determine the number based on these images. For example, a unicorn has one horn – this is the number “1”, and a spider has eight legs – which means it is identified with the number “8”. However, the hardest part, and one that can confuse many players, is that the numbers used in the solution are 0 to 9 (not 1 to 9).

To open the door, you need to determine which numbers should be in the cells with one and two question marks in these triangles. Just add the two numbers together and subtract the sum from the number in the center of the triangle. The resulting figure will be associated with a magical animal, which must be placed in empty cells with question marks. In the case of animals and numbers, everything is simple: the animals are depicted around the door in a strictly specified order, which from left to right (clockwise) corresponds to the order from “0” to “9”.

Solution Sequence

Interact with the door to see two triangles (two equalities).

Add the two numbers at the corners of the triangle. Most likely, you will see one number and an image of some animal. For example, in one cell there will be the number “11”, and in the other – the image of a unicorn. So, you need to add the number 1 to 11. As a result, we get 12. The value 20 is indicated in the center of this triangle. Subtract 12 from 20 and get the number “8”, which corresponds to the image of a spider. Since there is one question mark in an empty cell, we find the same sign on the wall near the door and switch until we see a spider.

Using the same example, we find out what image should be on the plate with two question marks. To make it easier to find these tablets, you can use Revelio.

As soon as we set both images correctly, we interact with the door. If everything is correct, then it will open, and we will be able to get inside the secret room with rewards.


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