How to mate and breed horses in Minecraft to have more

One of the many animals that you can find in Minecraft is the horse, which makes your life easier in the game. Let us teach you how to mate and breed horses in Minecraft to have more of them.

Although some animals are very dangerous, the horse, although it must be tamed, does not pose any threat in the Minecraft habitat. There is a variety of horses that after being domesticated, you can mate and raise offspring to have more copies of this inseparable friend.

In Minecraft there are five different variations of horses in the game : horses, mules, donkeys, zombie horses, and skeleton horses. Horses and donkeys reproduce naturally, but mules are the result of crossing between horses and donkeys. Skeleton Horses are generated by a lightning strike and Zombies are generated only by special commands.

How to mate horses in Minecraft

Once you’ve got hold of some horses, either because you’ve tamed them or found them that way, you’ll need to place a couple inside an enclosure. Then you have to feed a golden apple to each of the horses, for which you must have two apples and 16 gold bars.

Golden apples are made from regular apples, and gold bars are made by melting gold in a furnace. You must have a creation table in order to create your golden apples. Once you have the golden apples, you must enter the enclosure where the horses are and verify that both have optimal health.

If not, you should get red apples to feed them until they regain full health and stop eating. If the horses have been injured and they are not helped to recover, by feeding them with the golden apples they will simply recover their health, but they will not get to reproduce.

But if the health of both is total, then when you feed them with the golden apples, red hearts will appear on their heads . This means that they are already ready to breed. In a few seconds, you will see a small foal appear in your enclosure.

More details about it

New offspring have a greater than 40% chance of looking like their parents, but also more than 10% chance of being totally different. For the most effective mating of horses, you should place your fence away from other horses , at least ten blocks away. In this other article we will teach you how to make a beautiful stable for horses .

In addition, their measurements should not be less than a space of 3 squares x 2 squares so that they can be reproduced. It is also very important to have a stable large enough to protect all the horses that you are going to raise. However, in the end the most difficult thing is to get the food that the Minecraft horses eat , since it is not easy to get.

How to breed horses in Minecraft

When the young are born, they do not become the property of the player; rather, they must be domesticated in order to exert control over them. However, in order to tame them, you have to wait until they reach adulthood, which occurs within 20 minutes.

The process of waiting for them to grow up can be shortened if they are fed properly, which can also make them more likely to be tamed. If it is fed with golden apples, its growth time will be shortened by 4 minutes if it is well tamed, it will be able to mate immediately.

Foals can outperform their parents and become faster, able to jump higher, or have better health. They are always attached to their mothers and follow them constantly, and in the event that they die, they will follow another adult horse if possible.

Horses provide a very agile means of transportation within Minecraft biomes. With them you can travel long distances, climb hills and even jump big obstacles. In the end, you will realize that the process for mating horses and donkeys in Minecraft is quite similar.

Now that you know how to mate and breed horses in Minecraft, you can have a stable full of them, to travel throughout the land of Minecraft in the best possible way.


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