How to manage a telegram channel using bots

The contents of the article

  • What is telegram?
  • How to create a telegram channel
  • How to install a telegram bot
  • How to make the bot admin of your channel
  • How to connect the bot to your channel
  • How to configure the bot
  • How to post content using the bot
  • Conclusions

Do you want to know more about telegram channels and are you wondering what a telegram bot is ? Do you want to know which bot to use to better manage your channel?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself about telegram channels and telegram bots then I suggest you read my article.

I’ll show you how to create a new telegram channel , how to install a bot and how to use it to better manage your channel.

?I also manage a telegram channel in which I publish the best offers of iPhones and Apple products and I use a bot to optimize the contents, plan their publication, format the code in html and attach images ?

Without the use of a bot , channel management is much more complex and some things you just couldn’t do.

Don’t know telegram? So let’s take a step back.

What is telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging program , similar to WhatsApp , with advanced and very interesting features such as the ability to create channels.

telegram channel is a sort of chat in which, however, only you (or the administrators of the channel defined by you) can publish the contents and nobody can write and interact directly.

Users can subscribe to the channel , receive updates and notifications, read the contents and click on the links you recommend.

Channels are very useful if you are interested in disseminating and advertising content , products , offers or deals . There are now channels that advertise everything from streaming games to the best iPhone deals . You just need to know how to search.

How to create a telegram channel

Having made this necessary clarification, let’s see how to create a telegram channel .

My advice, if you are interested in creating a channel to advertise your posts or products, is to use the desktop version of telegram.

Once installed, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left

And select ” New Channel ”

Now enter a name for your channel

Make it public and find a short link that you will then use to promote your channel.

This phase is very important, find a short link that is as speaking and simple as possible, for example I have created this:

For the tutorial instead I created a test channel whose link is


Click on save and you will have created your first telegram channel , simple and fast.

How to install a telegram bot

Now that you have created your first telegram channel, you are ready to begin with configuring the bot to post content to your channel.

As already said the bot will help you to publish content formatted in html, with attached images and also wanting to plan their publication.

First of all you will need to install it , I recommend the ChelpBot bot , click on the link and install it. At the end of the installation you will find this screen

And the channel visible in the list of installed telegram channels.

How to make the bot admin of your channel

Once the bot is installed, you will need to make it the administrator of your channel to make it able to publish articles, so proceed in this way.

Click on the three dots at the top right of your channel and then on Add Members

Search for the user ” Channel Help ” and then click on ” Add ”

Make him administrator

And confirm the default options.

Now the bot user is the administrator of your channel.

How to connect the bot to your channel

The next step is to connect the bot to your channel, to do so click on ” Add Channel ”

Having already set up the admin user you will only have to do the second point which is to forward a message from your channel to the bot channel

Then go to your channel and share a message with ” Channel Help ”

Once the forwarding is complete, check again on the bot channel that everything has been done correctly ( green icon )

You are ready to set up the bot

How to configure the bot

Now that your channel and the bot are connected , you need to configure the bot to publish posts using html  formatting , click on ” Settings ”

Then on ” Default post sending ”


Click ” Yes ”

Click ” No ”

Select ” HTML ” formatting

Finally the configuration is finished.

You are ready to publish your first post using the bot.

How to post content using the bot

The interesting thing about the bot is that you can work as if the post were in draft version , you can in fact modify it , format it , attach images and if you want to schedule its publication.

Only when you decide to publish the final post will it be transferred to your channel and will be visible to all users.

For those who manage a telegram channel, a bot is an indispensable tool to say the least.CLICK TO TWEET

To post a content follow these simple steps, first of all click on ” Send Post ” and then select  the channel in which you want to publish the post. In our case ” test channel “.

Click now on ” Use default set ”

At this point you can start writing your post, using the html tags you find written in the informative popup ( a, href, b, i, u, code, pre, del, h1, inv, br ). At the end press enter and publish the post in the bot channel.

Preview what your post will look like and then click on ” No Keyboard ”

Now you can attach the image to the post, click on ” Attach image ”

Now select an image from your pc

Select ” Send as image ”

Check if the image is correct and press ” yes ”

Now you can finally publish your post in your channel, then click on ” Send to channel immediately ”

Go back to your channel and check that the post was correctly done by the bot.


In this article I showed you how to create a telegram channel, how to install the ChelpBot bot and then how to configure it to publish beautiful posts formatted in html with fantastic images.

By following these simple steps you too can create your own telegram channel and make it grow as a true communication professional .

You have all the tools, now only ideas and contents are missing.


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