How to make or get a vintage, retro or antique effect in my photos with Photoshop

Today images with a vintage or old effect are very fashionable, as if it were an old photo. The reasons why retro is now fashionable in this field may vary, but this effect can be achieved through the Photoshop program.

And it is not surprising because with Photoshop you can cut someone’s hair and even make their clothes transparent. Yes, you can really achieve many effects and without spending so much of our time on it and without being professionals in managing the program.

That is why in this guide we will teach you how to make or achieve a vintage , retro or old effect in your photos with Photoshop. So if you want to learn, keep reading carefully the following very simple steps so that your next photos look as much as you want.

How to make or get a vintage, retro or antique effect in my photos with Photoshop

The vintage, retro or old effect has some peculiarities that today with the new cameras and their technological advances have been lost. For example, photographic noise, low contrast, yellow tint, and vignetting are some elements that give an antique appearance to photos.

With the use of the image editing program Photoshop, many have handled the toolbar in a way that creates a desired look in their photos. So if you already have Photoshop legally , read carefully below the steps you must take to achieve the vintage, retro or old effect:

Steps to achieve vintage effect

What we will do in the first instance is to choose a photo to edit and then we are going to create a new layer of curve adjustments on it:

  • You open the ” Menu ” of the program
  • You go to the option « Settings «
  • Click on « New Adjustment Layer «
  • And finally you choose the option « Curves «.
  1. One way to achieve the objective in photos is to make the color curve modifications separately. When working with the blue channel it is advisable to apply the harshest effect, although with the green one there should be minimal variations.
  2. You can also create an adjustment or fill layer , for example you can choose a deep blue color and the image is completely covered. Then you are going to merge different layers , you will achieve it by pressing the Exclusion option that is located in the lower right part of the screen.
  3. After choosing a turbidity level according to what you want, you go to the step of adding noise to the photo. This is achieved in the path Filters> Noise> Add Noise and then you choose a percentage of vintage appearance that we want, between 7% to 10% .

Steps to get the retro effect

The variety of options when it comes to Photoshop is wide, and you can even get a textured retro effect on your photos:

  1. After you open the photo to work on it, you go to File> Place Embedded Element and choose a texture photo from our team. After placing the texture on the photo in question, we go to the Layers Blending option and select Overlay and the opacity level is set at 65%.
  1. Then you are going to choose a new adjustment or fill layer, which would be Photo Filter and we choose a strong yellow color, leaving a density around 25%.
  2. As for the light effect , we use the brush tool and choose a white color which has 100% opacity and flow. What follows is that its size is almost like that of our image.
  3. Once done, set the blur by going to the top menu following the path Filters> Blur> Gaussian Blur . While there you are going to choose a blur amount of about 140 pixels.

Show off your photos with a vintage effect!

With these few simple steps you can achieve that effect that is in fashion , call it vintage, retro or old. You just need to spend a little time applying each of them and see which one results in the look you want your photo to look like. Also, you can explore other tools of this fabulous image editing program and become a professional.


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