How to make my number private to make calls

Putting a private number to make calls seems to be one of the things that many people wish to do. Privacy could be considered a privilege , but it should be available to everyone. However, this, like many other characteristics of human life, could be used for both good and evil.

Without a doubt, absolutely all people would like to privatize certain aspects of their life, as a way to protect their physical and emotional integrity. There are those who misuse privacy as a weapon to invade people’s tranquility.

How to put my number in private or in secret to make calls?

Putting a number in private to make calls, for some users is a privilege that is probably very difficult to obtain. Humanity has opted to invade in a certain way the private lives of certain people, either to pry, or even to commit criminal acts.

Regardless of the acts arising from privacy, absolutely all of us want to experience it moderately, because the security it provides is priceless. The role that technology brings to this topic can be helpful.

The technology serves as a tool to put a number in private to make calls, to place closed circuits and a number of other uses. The first statement consists of a few simple steps, if you are using a mobile phone, you can try dialing the code # 31 # in front of the phone number you want to call.

If the option does not work on Android or Apple , you should look for the option related to hiding the caller’s identity and activate it, that way no one could know the phone number from which the call comes. To do it on landlines, you just have to precede the phone number with the code 067 and that’s it.

How to improve the security of Android phones in an easy way?

Putting a number in private to make calls is one of the aspects of the security that Android phones provide. All the things we do from our smartphone are recorded, although it is a feature that many users seem to mortify.

For many years, technology has become one of the aspects that provides countless benefits. However, a common aspect that technological resources such as the internet have in common is security.

Android provides a good number of settings that allow you to protect the device , so that a barrier can be placed so that no one other than you can access your phone or the information you store on it.

Putting a number in private to make calls, or improving the security of ‘Android’ phones have never been so easy, especially the process of using some kind of lock, such as: ‘Unlock by Pin’, ‘Unlock by Pattern’, ‘Unlocking by fingerprint’ , and even unlocking by ‘Face Recognition’.

The above allow the user to prevent people outside of him from easily accessing the phone, especially if you store private information there.

Process to download an antivirus for my Android smartphone

Putting a number in private to make calls, or downloading an antivirus for ‘Android’ , are one of the things that users can do to improve the experience of using a smartphone. For many unbelievers, it seems hard to believe that a computer virus can sneak onto your phone.

But it is not far from reality, since phones are made with the same technology as a computer, this means that they have ‘Processors’, ‘RAM’ memories, ‘Cache’ memory, ‘Internal’ memory, among other things.

For this reason, viruses choose computers, smartphones and other devices, because they lodge in their ‘RAM’ memory , through programs or applications, that is, they always work in the background to damage the files on your phone. , or even to access deeper terrain and thereby damage it.

It is for this reason that, indisputably, you must download an antivirus, to avoid everything described above, to do this, go to the ‘Google Play’ store, type in the ‘Search Engine’ the word antivirus, download the one of your choice, you hope it will be install, and voila you can start analyzing your ‘Android’ smartphone.


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