How to make Best Nine Instagram

In recent years, various companies operating on the web, in the period of December, show their users what has marked their path during the year. Instagram also appears among these ; the famous social network, for several years, has in fact thought up the  Best Nine Instagram , or rather a collage containing 9 of your photos that have received the most likes over the course of the year . If you’re intent on creating your own Instagram Best Nine 2022 , but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, we’ll help you!

Creare Best Nine 2022 con Top Nine

The fastest method there is is to use the Top Nine for Instagram service : in a few seconds the best nine posts of your 2022 will be collected in a collage image . And of course you won’t need to enter your Instagram email and password . To create the Best Nine 2022 you must:

  1. go to the Top Nine app (available for iOS and Android );
  2. enter your username in the form and click on the blue ” Continue ” button;
  3. after a few seconds of waiting you will see the collage appear with the 9 posts with the most likes that have marked your 2022.

At the end you will receive a result similar to the following:

Once the procedure is completed, you will finally have to click on the Continue button and immediately after on Save & Share Top Nine. In this way you can both save the content on your smartphone and share it directly on various social networks.

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