How to make a backup copy of your mobile contacts in Google Drive

Smartphones today are the most used devices by all people, since they allow us to do endless tasks or activities such as checking bank accounts, interacting through networks or simply making a phone call to a loved one. In a few words, smart mobile phones store much of our information, such as the contacts that we keep in it.

In that case, it is essential to protect that data and the Google Drive cloud is the solution, since it will allow you to do various things such as save backup copies of almost all your activities.

A fairly common example of the utility of Google Drive is the backup copies of your conversations in WhatsApp , since by backing it up you will be able to recover all the conversation that was generated in your chats in case your present phone fails and you have to format it.

Copy your contacts to Google Drive

To make a copy of your contacts in Google drive there are several ways, among which the manual and automatic methods are distinguished, so don’t worry you will see that it is very easy to get your contacts to be backed up in the cloud , you just have to choose the most comfortable way for you.

Method 1

The first way that exists to save phone contacts in Google drive is as follows, you must go to the Google contacts section, then in settings you will locate a section that says export / import . Then select the option to export contacts and in the same way share contacts, finally you just have to give it to save in Google Drive and that’s it.

However, do not forget to tell Google in which account you want to save your contacts, if you still do not have one, you will be interested in knowing the steps to create an account in Google Drive . And so you can store not only your contacts, but also any file or document that you need to back up from your Smartphone or PC .

Method 2

This method is considered the automatic way to save your contacts in Google Drive , being an interesting option because you will not have to periodically update your contact list to support any change.

To make this copy you will simply have to enter the settings section that is on your phone, then you will look for the option that says backup or make backup, when locating it, enter there.

Subsequently, you must select the item that says backup of my contacts and select it and even the section that says automatic restoration of contacts and voila, you will have automatically backed up all your contacts in the Drive.

On the other hand, you will notice that a Gmail account appears associated with your phone, that is where the contacts will be saved, in case you want to use another account you will simply have to change the email and that’s it.

What else can I do with Google Drive?

Google Drive is a platform that is in the cloud, and although it was originally conceived to store information, today it is used for many other activities. Since you can upload, view and edit text files such as Word , you can also create tables with a spreadsheet and share with several users, so they can work simultaneously if necessary.

Also, since it is linked to your Smartphone, you can synchronize your mobile with Google Drive so that it automatically saves any changes. In addition, this platform is so versatile that it will even allow you to view, edit or modify any document without having internet .

Increasing the efficiency of the platform, since you will not have to stop working due to failures or bad connections. So if you still do not have an account on Google Drive, don’t waste any more time and start now, you will see that all the options it offers will help you in optimizing your daily tasks both at work and at home .

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