How to know who rejected your friend request on Facebook

Finding friends on Facebook is simple, you just have to put the name of that contact -known or unknown- in the search engine and, when it appears, press the “Friend request” button. This starts a process by which the request is sent and, if the other person accepts it, you will add a new friend on the social network.

How to know who rejected your friend request on Facebook

When a friend request is sent, the user can know if the other person has rejected their friendship or is simply waiting to do so

If the person you sent the request to is not yet part of your friends, there are two things that could have happened. The first is that they didn’t see the request, either because they’ve stopped using Facebook or because they’re not interested in being your friend and ignored it, and the second is that they simply rejected it.

Now, if you want to know exactly what has happened, there is a trick to find out if your friend request has arrived and if it was seen but rejected by the other person. Although knowing this will not change things, but it can be a way to satisfy curiosity, and for this you must follow the following steps:

-From mobile : enter your Facebook account and enter the “Notifications” option, which is identified with the icon of a bell and is located under the search engine magnifying glass. Once inside, press the “See All” button to open a window called “Friends”, which you can also enter in the side menu identified with three horizontal stripes.

Scroll the screen to the top, in the “Friend Requests” section and press the “See All” button again. Then in the top right corner there are three dots, pressing them opens a tab at the bottom of the team for “View sent requests”, where a list of contacts to whom you have sent the friend request is displayed. If that person does not appear on the list, it means that they have not accepted your request, while those who do appear are the ones waiting to approve your friend request, that is, they either have not seen it or have ignored it… but at least they have not rejected it.

-From the web : enter the side menu represented by three horizontal stripes located in the upper options bar, next to the Facebook groups button. Look for the “Friends” section and click on the link called “View sent requests” marked in blue. This displays a pop-up window with a list of requests, if the person you are looking for does not appear, it is because they have rejected your request. On the contrary, if it appears on the list it is because it has not yet accepted the request and you have to wait for it to do so.


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