How to know if someone ignores messages in Messenger

Curiosity is not something unique to human beings but is found in all species of the animal kingdom, or at least in most. With the arrival of technology to millions of people, curiosity has only adapted to new technologies.

Messaging applications are a clear example as well as the function that allows to know if an email has been read, although this function is not intended so much to satisfy the curiosity of the human being as to the work and commercial environment mainly.

One of the functions that I particularly hate about messaging applications is that people know the last hour that I have used the application . It is not that I am very suspicious of my privacy, but of my privacy. Just as I am not in the least interested in knowing when one of my contacts has last used an application, I am not interested in sharing that information either.


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However, I recognize that on specific occasions it can be of great help, especially when the messages we send are not being answered, or are not even being read or in the worst case, they are not receiving it either. If you want to know how to know if someone ignores your Messenger messages , I invite you to continue reading.


  • 1 What do Messenger ticks mean
  • 2 What options does Messenger offer us
  • 3 Why our messages are not received
    • 1 They completely ignore us
    • 2 You do not receive our messages
    • 3 We have been blocked
  • 4 How to avoid being blocked on Messenger
    • 1 Concentrate your messages in the smallest number
    • 2 Think before writing
    • 3 Contact the person in another way

What do Messenger ticks mean

With how rich Spanish is in terms of vocabulary, it is unfortunate that on many occasions no one bothers to translate certain words, since over time, everyone uses them and it loses all sense to search for a translation.

Messerger ticks, like any other platform, are icons that show us the status of the messages we send. In the case of Messenger, these are represented in 4 different ways:

  • blue circle means that the message is being sent.
  • blue circle with a check mark means that the message has been sent.
  • blue circle filled with a check mark means the message has been delivered.
  • circle with the image of the contact to whom we have sent the message means that the message has been read by the recipient.

Once we are clear with which Messenger icons inform us about the status of the messages we have sent , it is time to find out or try to find out if the recipient of our messages is ignoring us.

What options does Messenger offer us

Messenger offers us two different methods to manage the messages we receive through this platform. On the one hand, we find the option Mute , this option deactivates the notification of all messages that are received from a chat group or a specific chat.

The other option we have at our disposal is Ignore . This option stops notifying all messages that come from the same user (it will only inform us of the first one sent) in the Message requests section where all messages from users with whom we have not previously maintained a conservation are found.

Why are our messages not being received?

Now that we know the options that Messenger makes available to us to manage the messages we receive and the icons that represent their status, we can get an idea of whether or not our messages are being intentionally ignored by the recipient, not them. have read / received, we are muted in the application …

They completely ignore us

If the user usually shows the time of the last connection, and we also have this option enabled and the last time in which the recipient of our messages connected to the application is not shown at the top, it is clear That he is not completely ignoring and we must opt ​​for other means of communication as he may have unintentionally blocked us .

You do not receive our messages

If the user has not just received our messages but previously he did and answered us, it is possible that he has silenced the conversation , especially if we are especially heavy and send a lot of messages without hardly saying interesting things.

If so, we should proceed in the same way as in the previous section, trying other forms of communication or I include making a phone call (yes, with the smartphone you can also call, not just send messages).

They have blocked us

If the Messenger account is associated with the Facebook account, both of the user and ours, if they have blocked us through Facebook, they have automatically blocked us in Messenger.

If we have not yet associated our phone number with our Facebook account, we can choose to create a Messenger account with our phone number and contact the person who has blocked us again, either intentionally or accidentally (no we always have to think badly).

How to avoid being blocked on Messenger

Concentrate your messages on the fewest numbers

If you want to avoid being blocked for being heavy, you should avoid sending 10 messages to just ask one thing . Although the final message may be long, it is always preferable for the recipient as it will prevent their smartphone from ringing for a while with each notification.

Think before writing

If we are having a heated conversation through Messenger, and we want to prevent it from being completely interrupted by blocking us, we must think twice about what we want to say and how we say it . It is very easy to block a user but it is much more difficult to get them to unblock us again.

Contact the person in another way

We can not only contact a user through Messenger. The platform to which the account is associated also offers us different methods to communicate with the person, as long as they have not blocked us directly.

If this is the case, the only option we have is to contact a mutual friend so that they can intercede for us and ask them why they have blocked us. There is no method that allows you to bypass Facebook’s security restrictions in this regard, although this platform is one of the least secure.


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