How to delete messages on Facebook Messenger

The most used messaging platform in the world is WhatsApp, however it is not the queen of messaging in many countries , although it is globally by number of users. In the Middle East, Viber is mainly used, while in China, the most used communication platform (because the rest are banned by the country’s government) is WeChat.

In the United States they use other platforms such as SMS, Apple Messages (due to high market share) and Facebook Messenger. The messaging platform integrated into Facebook, Messenger, works independently of the social network , so it is not necessary to have a Facebook account to use it.


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However, it has never finished taking off and becoming an alternative for everyone capable of replacing WhatsApp, hence Mark Zuckerberg’s company continues to maintain it, because it is the main method of communication between users of this social network. .

The security protocol used by WhatsApp is the same as Facebook Messenger and has been developed by Signal, however the operation is not the same. This is because the platform wants to allow users to continue their conversations comfortably from their phone, tablet or from a computer.


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This is the same operation that Telegram offers us , but that does not mean that conversations are not protected at all times. All conversations are stored on a server in encrypted form and the decryption key is not in the same facilities as the servers so that no one can access the content of the chats.


  • 1 How to delete messages in Messenger
  • 2 How to delete a conversation in Messenger
  • 3 Use secret conversations
  • 4 Activate automatic deletion of messages in Messenger

How to delete messages in Messenger

Once we know how messages work on Messenger, we will explain how to delete messages on this platform.

As in Telegram, if we delete a message, it will be deleted from both our chat and the interlocutor or group (if we specify it during the process), as long as no more than 10 minutes have elapsed .

If more than 10 minutes have passed, the message will only be removed from your view , not from the overview of the chat / conversation where you sent it, so it will be visible to anyone.

If we really want to delete a sent message , we must select the Cancel message option . Selecting Cancel message instead of Delete message will remove the message from the conversation for all parties that are part of the conversation.


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A hateful function that WhatsApp has, we find it in the little message that it shows when we delete a conversation. That message informs the interlocutor that we have deleted a message, so a misunderstanding of epic dimensions can be triggered if the other person is very suspicious.

This same Message , is also shown when we remove a message in Messenger, so we can find the same problem. Leaving aside this functionality that makes no sense and that only delves into a problem that should never have existed, here is how to delete messages in Messenger for Android.

If we want to carry out the process from the application for Windows or macOS , we must place the mouse over the message that we want to delete or cancel, click on the right mouse button and select the appropriate option.

How to delete a conversation in Messenger

If what we want is to delete a conversation, unlike WhatsApp and Telegram that allow us to archive conversations that we are not going to use at that time, with Messenger this option is not available and we can only delete the conversation.

To delete a complete conversation, we must click on the conversation and hold down until a drop-down menu is displayed in which we have to select Delete.

By deleting the conversation, we will not be able to recover it in any way, unless we have previously made a backup copy of all the data stored on Facebook, including the conversations that we have through this platform.

If we want to carry out the process from the application for Windows or macOS , we must place the mouse over the conversation that we want to delete, press the right mouse button and select Delete.

Use secret conversations

If we regularly use Messenger to communicate with our friends and family either from a smartphone or from a computer, but we do not want to have some secret conversations , we can make use of the Secret conversation option.

This option, available in the options of each conversation (it is necessary to create a new conversation to be available) encrypts messages from end to end , that is, messages are not stored in the cloud, so they will never be synchronized with the desktop application.

This mode must be activated on both sides, that is, both we and the recipient of the messages must activate the Secret Conversation mode , since otherwise the function to delete the messages sent automatically will not be available.

This functionality allows us to set the time we want to keep the message we have sent in the chat . After this period, which goes from 5 seconds to 1 day, going through 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours and 12 hours, all messages already read by the recipient of the messages will be automatically deleted.

Activate automatic deletion of messages in Messenger

Another method, perhaps more radical, that Messenger offers us to erase all the messages that we publish without worrying, is through the temporary mode. By activating this option, automatically, every time we leave a conversation, all messages already read by both parties will be deleted, they will be automatically deleted.

When the interlocutor has read the messages, a blue check similar to the one we can find in WhatsApp will be displayed . This option is available within the options of each chat, through the Temporary mode option.

Temporary Mode is an ideal option to start conversations from scratch with our friends, family, contacts … without leaving any trace in the application.


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