How to know if a RAM memory is damaged?

Computers play a very important role in carrying out activities such as studying, working and even entertaining. Like a car, computers need maintenance because they can start to fail at any moment.

In fact, the more likely it is to fail the more we use it. However, how to know when something is wrong with our PC and even worse, how to know which component is failing?

The computers usually give some indication if something is not on the whole good. And, depending on those symptoms, we can identify the cause of the problem.

Over the years, the components will deteriorate. RAM is usually the first to wear out. However, how to determine the fault and how to know what state it is in? In the following article we will explain how to know if a RAM memory is damaged and how to detect the symptoms that it is beginning to fail.

What is a RAM memory?

RAM memory is an electronic component that is used as work memory in computers and other operating systems such as mobile devices.

All the instructions to be executed by the processor and other units of the computer are loaded into the RAM memory. RAM is also responsible for keeping the PC running smoothly without slowing down. Therefore, more RAM , faster will the PC.

Importance of RAM

The RAM memory, together with the motherboard , the processor and the hard disk, is one of the most important components that a computer needs in order for it to function properly. In fact, it is this who determines the response speed of the computer.

In addition to this, the RAM memory is very important since a large amount of information circulates through it , from the orders sent by the processor to their responses. In general, all the information that occurs on the PC goes through RAM.

How to know if a RAM memory is damaged?

Wearing and deterioration of this component over time is normal, so if your PC begins to suffer sudden freezes, slowness to execute responses and programs or blue screens out of nowhere, something may be happening to your RAM memory.

Despite that, it could be any other failure, therefore, we will explain in detail the symptoms and how a PC with damaged RAM behaves .

PC slowdown

This is a very clear symptom that the RAM is failing because this is where all the processes and programs that the PC is running are loaded.

If when you start your computer you notice that its behavior is very slow even without any open program, it is best to think about replacing your old RAM with a new one.

Unexpected shutdowns or blue screen of death

If your computer starts to show unexpected shutdowns or a blue screen suddenly appears, everything indicates that the RAM memory is damaged. It should be noted that this does not rule out that another component is affected, but it is a fairly common symptom of RAM.

Corrupt files

If the files or programs that we use frequently begin to present difficulties to open and the data becomes corrupted, we are faced with another symptom of damaged RAM. If this situation worsens over time and the number of corrupted files increases, we are almost certainly facing a damaged RAM.

RAM Diagnostics in Windows

Before replacing your RAM memory you can do a final test that Windows offers you to determine the status of your RAM memory.

In the Windows search engine you must type “Memory Diagnostic” . After running the program, you must choose the option to restart now. The next thing to do is search for events in the Windows menu and select event viewer. You will have to select the system option and then set current record.

A tab will open where we will see the event’s origin menu and we will have to go down to the option “Memory Diagnostic results” and press ok. You will have to go back to the event checker to see the messages that will indicate if the RAM is damaged.

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