How to install wordpress for free

In this article I’ll explain how to install wordpress for free without giving up all the features of the most famous CMS in the world (plugins and templates).

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  • How to install free wordpress on netsons
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  • How to migrate to a paid version
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Are you wondering if and how it is possible to install wordpress for free without giving up all the features of the CMS? Would you like to test without spending money before buying your own domain? Do you need a free platform to do teaching on wordpress?

In this article I will explain how to create your own wordpress blog , for free and above all without giving up the features of the most famous CMS in the world, such as the installation of plugins and templates.

For years wordpress has become the most famous blogging platform in the world, it is used to create any type of website, from ecommerce to corporate websites, from photoblogs to real estate websites.

In short, knowing wordpress today is definitely a plus for those who deal with digital communication , web marketing and the creation of professional websites .

The continuous updates , the almost unlimited availability of both free and paid templates , the huge plugin database on the net as well as the native features of the CMS make it without a doubt the most popular and used platform on the web.


The question that many ask me is the following:


The answer is yes , there is the possibility to install wordpress for free to test it, try it and also to create small personal blogs with low monthly traffic.

Free wordpress providers

On the net there are many providers that offer the possibility to install wordpress for free, they all have one feature in common that you must immediately keep in mind:

👉They only offer the possibility to register second level domains

What does it mean to have a second level domain ?

It means that your blog will have a shape like:

[chosenname]. [ilprovider]

Where [nomedatescelto] is a name that you can choose during registration and it can be any name as long as it is not already used by others.

While [ilprovider] is the name and extension (eg of the provider that offers the possibility to register a wordpress website for free.

Top- level domains , on the other hand, have a cost and allow you to register names like:

www. [chosenname]. [extension]

There are no providers that offer the possibility to register free top level domains with pre-installed wordpress, so in this article we will see together the first type of domains (second level)

I tested for you the following three providers that offer the ability to record for free a second-level domain with WordPress preinstalled and are:

  • com
  • com
  • org is the “ official ” cloud version of wordpress, in the free version it allows you to create second level domains of the type: [nomedatescelto]

This choice, although very smart and simple to use and configure, has major limitations as regards teaching and testing as it does not allow you to install plugins and also the theme database (template) is very limited.

In practice you will be able to install only some themes present in the cloud directory and you will not be able to install plugins in any way . is a hosting platform that allows you to create second level domains for free with the ability to install wordpress, the website will have an address like:  [nomedatescelto]

This solution, unlike the one, has no particular limitations in the installation of plugins and templates so you can manage the website in full mode as if it were a normal website on a top level domain and shared hosting.

However, I found some critical issues in the systemic limitations imposed on the use of the platform in terms of: access to the database and use of the file system . If the use is too intensive, you may have to wait an hour before resuming using the administrative panel.

This solution is therefore recommended in the event that the use of the panel is minimal and the fact that you may have to wait an hour is not critical.

Netson is an Italian hosting provider that allows you to create free second level domains with the possibility of installing wordpress; the website will have an address like:  [chosenname]

Unlike the other two solutions with netson you will not have any kind of limitation in the use of both wordpress and the administrative panel , so your website will in effect be a fully functional and operational blog .

The only limitations are related to the resources available , as is the case for any other paid hosting provider, so the website will not have to generate too much traffic otherwise you could risk that the website is (rightly) paused.

These are the resources available for free: 1Gb of web space, 1Gigabit / sec of connectivity, https protocol, CPanel, 1Gb of vRAM, 1024 KB / s of I / O support for php and 1 db MySql.

In short, everything you need to start working with wordpress before deciding which path to take or if you need to take tests and online teaching .


How to install free wordpress on netsons

To install free wordpress on netson, all you have to do is register on their portal and then create a new free website from the following link

To start click on the ” Try ” button

And then choose the name you would like to use to create a second level website, then click on ” Check Availability ”

Once you have found the free name, all you have to do is select the reference app to install, which in our case is wordpress

Select ” WordPress ” and then click on ” Continue with the order ”

Check the data entered, accept the conditions of the contract and click on ” Complete Order ”

Wait a few moments for the order confirmation to arrive , without closing the browser and then access the customer area.

Your website is ready for use and you can see it at the link:


Quick and easy.

[sociallocker] [/ sociallocker]

How to set up wordpress for free on netsons

Now that you have your blog ready you’ll start to become familiar with the capabilities of both the panel administration of Netsons that with the panel administration of wordpress .

At this stage you should have received two different emails , one with the access data to the Netsons administrative panel ( CPanel ) and one with the access data to your wordpress administrative panel ( [nomedatescelto] / wp-admin )

Although not strictly necessary, I suggest you access the Netsons administrative panel (CPanel) to familiarize yourself with the interface, you will immediately notice that there are many features and features available that, for a free hosting, are truly at the top.

You will be able to manage your ftp account , access to the file system , the MySql database , the https protocol and the newly installed wordpress app . Statistics , graphics and website access data are also available .

In short, everything you need to start exploring the world of blogging with wordpress !

How to migrate to a paid version

After having tested and tried wordpress you can decide whether to stay with a second level domain or migrate to a higher hosting plan and top level domain .

In case you decide to upgrade to a higher hosting plan with a related domain name, I suggest you take a look at this tutorial of mine.


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In this article I showed you some free solutions to be able to install, configure and use wordpress on a second level domain.

If you are thinking of installing and trying wordpress the best thing to do at the beginning is: “test”, so what better solution than free hosting from Netson or wordpress or 000webhost ?


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