How to install the OnlyOffice on Ubuntu Linux

The office programs are one of the most basic tools that a computer can offer to today. A text, presentation, spreadsheet reader among others are tools that we all need to have covered, and with current technology it is even possible to edit Office files online .

Perhaps you have tried several alternatives and they have not finished convincing you or you flatly did not like them and want another alternative. That is precisely why we have prepared an article to tell you about a great office suite.

This package is called OnlyOffice and it promises to be a very good alternative to popular programs. So if you don’t know anything about this pack then read carefully that we will show you everything there is to know about it.

We also inform you that you can install packages on your Ubuntu system from the terminal with simple steps. So do not get distracted and pay close attention to this article where we will talk about OnlyOffice and how to install it.

What is OnlyOffice?

First, we are going to talk a little about OnlyOffice and its most relevant features before moving on to the guide on how to install it in Ubuntu. This way you will have a broader framework of information and if you did not know this program you will be able to know more about it and its advantages.

OnlyOffice is an open source office suite developed for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems under the AGPL v3 license. This program has several characteristics that differentiate it from others due to its security since it has end-to-end encryption.

And it is that this encryption is necessary since the strong point of these programs is the storage and online edition. Let its name indicate it since OnlyOffice provides you with real-time connectivity with the cloud so that you can save and edit your documents from your PC.

A great feature because if you want to create a document and send it to a friend, you just have to write it and it will be uploaded to the internet in real time. This is super convenient and gives you a very elegant solution for sharing information with other people.

So go ahead and use the tools that OnlyOffice have for you for free , of course for that you must install the pack on your pc. And we will tell you how in this article so that you do not have installation problems and you can use these programs in a short time.

How to install OnlyOffice on Ubuntu?

In this article we are going to show you different methods to install OnlyOffice in Ubuntu in a simple way. The first thing you should do is download the program from the OnlyOffice official page .

Using repository

Now, it is necessary to say that OnlyOffice is not available for Ubuntu versions ranging from 16.04 to 18.04. so you have to configure the repositories properly to avoid any failure in the installation process.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, it’s very simple, just add an additional repository configuration. Then add a new GPG key and use this command:

  • sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp: // 80 –recv-keys CB2DE8E5. then go to the file called “/ etc / apt / sources.list” and add the following command line: deb squeeze main. And that’s it, all that remains is to update the repositories and install the program using the following commands on your pc:
  1. sudo apt-get Update
  2. sudo apt-get install onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Using snap

If for some reason this installation method does not work through the repositories you can also do it through snap. The process is even simpler than the previous one, you just have to use the following command to proceed with the installation:

  • snap install onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Using an Appimage

Another way to install OnlyOffice is through Appimage, the commands you must use to install it as Appimage is using the following commands:

  • $ wget
  • $ chmod a + x DesktopEditors-x86_64.AppImage
  • $ ./DesktopEditors-x86_64.AppImage

Using Flatpack

Finally we also leave you the option to install them using Flatpack, very useful for installing programs in Ubuntu. If you don’t have Flatpack on your computer then go to its official website to download it. Then run the following command to proceed with the installation using Flatpack and you’re done.

  • flatpak install flathub org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors.


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