How To Install Driver In Canon i SENSYS MF4410 Printer

If you became the owner of the Canon i SENSYS MF4410 multifunctional device, we can sincerely congratulate you, because from now on you have the opportunity not only to print documents, but also to successfully scan and photocopy them. Unfortunately, against the background of the joy of such a wonderful acquisition , confusion can arise, and its continued existence can provoke disappointment.

Installing and configuring the Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 printer includes driver installation.

Confusion arises when the owner of Canon i SENSYS MF4410 is faced with the problem of connecting the MFP, installing its drivers . To prevent such undesirable consequences, it is useful to study the user manual supplied by the manufacturer with the device, as well as take advantage of professional advice. Such tips can contain useful flavors that allow you to “trick” the device, as well as make it work in any case, fulfilling all the owner’s requests with high quality.

How to install the MFP

The Canon MF4410 MFP is acclaimed by many users for its versatility and high-speed mode. Such a printer is capable of printing twenty-three sheets in one minute. In this case, even the first sheet is printed nine seconds after the first request.

Also, the multifunctional device impresses with its compactness, intuitive interface, impressive LCD monitor. This MFP competes successfully with other printing and scanning devices due to its ability to provide energy savings during operation. In order to experience all the advantages of the printer in practice, you should first install the device and set it up correctly.

Installing drivers

First you need to install the driver for your Canon i SENSYS MF4410 printer to function properly. We recommend that you research the contents of the packaging in which your device was sold. Often the manufacturer accompanies the Canon MF4410 MFP with a disc with the corresponding drivers recorded on it. If you have carried out a search, but the results are zero, since you did not find any disk with drivers, then redirect your search fervor to the Internet.

In the search bar of any browser, write down the model of your printer, indicate your desire to find a driver. After completing your search, you will be presented with various sites. Initially, see if there is a Canon manufacturer’s official website among them. You can trust him without fear.

If there is no other option, how to go to third-party sites, then before downloading, study customer reviews, make sure that this site does not spread viruses , and accordingly, will not cause problems to your computer.

Immediately, we note that the search can be accompanied by a long time, since the drivers you downloaded may not be suitable due to the fact that they are oriented to a different operating system or the same as yours, but with support for a different bit depth. After downloading the appropriate driver, you can safely proceed to the next stage of your actions.

Installation of the Canon MF4410 printer with installation of drivers is carried out in the same way as for other printing devices. Disconnect the printer from your computer, go to the folder where you saved the driver. Find a file there called Setup, click on it to activate the installation wizard.

All subsequent installation will be carried out automatically. You will only need to intervene occasionally in this process, fulfilling the wishes that the master puts forward and announces this to you with messages that appear on the screen.

It is this wizard who will tell you when you need to connect the MFP to the computer. Satisfy this condition and complete the installation process. If you downloaded the driver correctly and went through the installation process without errors, you will be able to immediately verify that the printer is functioning normally, and therefore print the first test pages .

Scanner problems

Sometimes problems can arise when trying to scan something. Carrying out only printing or making photocopies of documents, the owners of the MFP can only rejoice at the result. However, the first attempt to start the scanner and acquire the scanned image may fail. Of course, any disappointment initially entails confusion, and then a desire to figure out what is the reason for the failure.

The owners of the scanner do not even admit the thought of forgetting about such a function of the device, while using it only as a printer and copier. And rightly so, having a Canon MF4410 MFP in stock, how to scan using such a device, our recommendations will help you.

We warn you right away that starting the scanner in the way you are used to will initially be successful, but as the process approaches completion, the error “Cannot scan because of the following” appears on the screen quite often. Of course, in this case, you will not be able to get the image, therefore, you will have to scan the document again.

The wizard may indicate to you that the MFP is not correctly connected to the computer. Of course, just in case, inspect the connections between the device and the PC to rule out bad contact, but in most cases this error occurs for a different reason.

We suggest you use some tricks to help you cleverly bypass these technical hurdles. This does not imply any serious and complex configuration of the Canon MF4410 scanner.

Find the “COPY / SAN” button on the outer case of the MFP, press it. After that, the display of your MFP will ask you what type of scan you prefer:

  • a computer;
  • remote scanner.

ADVICE. You need to select the second parameter, after which an inscription will appear on the display asking you to wait a little. Now you can continue scanning documents in a way that is familiar to you.

Unfortunately, this is a trick you have to do every time you need to use an MFP to scan documents. The device will only “remember” the changes you made for no more than five minutes.

So, if you’re having minor technical problems with the Canon MF4410 MFP, don’t panic, it’s fixable. Study the recommendations without complications, and “make” your multifunctional device completely obey you.

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