The Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP combines a printer and a scanner. It is very convenient for use both in offices and at home. However, often Windows 10 users are faced with the fact that the printer does not scan documents for unknown reasons. This is usually done with a few simple steps.

The user launches the Toolbox program (a standard Canon application), presses the “Start” button, but after that the machine does not start scanning, but displays an error message from the system. Sometimes it helps to press the COPY / SCAN key on the printer itself and then select the “remote scanner” on the monitor. On Windows 10, disabling a specific service through the Task Manager (a service called WIA (Windows Image Acquisition)). But many will not like such solutions, as they make it very difficult to scan documents containing, for example, hundreds of pages.

Today we are going to talk about how to troubleshoot the Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP

Why does not it work?

Why won’t the Canon MF4410 scan paper? This is not due to the device itself, but to the software installed on the computer . Faced with this rebellion of MFPs are mainly users who use the printer in conjunction with Windows 10. On older systems, everything works fine. It’s all because of the standard Microsoft utility designed just for scanning. Here are just Canon, i-SENSYS MF4410 including, use their software – Toolbox. As is usually the case with applications that perform the same function, the Toolbox and the Scan Utility conflict, resulting in the printer inoperative.

How to fix?

Everything is solved, as a rule, by simply disabling an unnecessary utility.

  1. Open the Control Panel (“Options” in Win 10).
  2. We find the item “Programs and Features”, then “Enabling or disabling Windows components.”
  3. We reach the column “Faxes and Scanning” and remove the tick from this item.
  4. We reboot the computer.

These steps usually solve the problem with the i-SENSYS MF4410 and other Canon printers (MFPs) that use Toolbox. The Vuescan program also helps, which will check how the scanner works and suggest its own solutions. Often, using this convenient program instead of the standard one completely solves the problem.

Third party problems

Sometimes the MFP won’t work on Windows 10 PCs for other reasons. Among them are drivers. It happens that a user purchasing an MFP, in our case Canon MF4410, does not install the necessary software . In theory, on modern systems it boots on its own, but in reality this does not always happen.
If this is the case, download the necessary drivers and patches yourself. The printer usually comes with a CD with drivers – you can install them from it. You can also do this through the official Canon website.

  1. Go to the website, find the downloads section there.
  2. We choose our operating system (Windows 10) and its bitness.
  3. Download the required files.

Select your OS version and click Download

  1. We install them on our computer.

Without a driver, a printer, and even more so a device that also combines a scanner, will not function at all . Therefore, if for some reason the drivers were not installed automatically, this must be done. The patches for Windows 10 fix various issues related to conflicts in the “native” software for Canon devices.

After all, the USB cable or defects in the printer itself can prevent documents from being scanned properly. Try changing the wire or USB port on your PC. Perhaps this will fix the problem.

As for the Windows 10 system itself, it is famous for a variety of problems after the next updates. If problems with the printer occurred after the updates, you can remove them and hope that in the next developers will fix this annoying error. In the meantime, you can try using the VueScan program.

Now you know which Windows 10 system programs can prevent the Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP from scanning documents. It will not be difficult to solve this problem, like others, if you know what is its cause.

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