How To Install A Car DVR

A  video recorder is a device that allows you to record, store and play video information about what is happening in front of the car while driving. The record serves as the best proof of non-involvement in an accident and is an excellent assistant in resolving controversial situations on the road.

After choosing the right device model, is it time to figure out how to install a car DVR? Correct and reliable fixation depends on whether the device will properly cope with its functions. How to fix and configure the DVR without unnecessary difficulties, the article will tell.

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Mounting options

The DVR should not distract the driver and impair the visibility on the way. To find out how best to install the DVR, you should familiarize yourself with the mounting options for this device:

  1. With a suction cup– usually comes with the device itself. The suction cup is a versatile fixture that can be quickly attached and just as easily removed. If installed correctly, the structure will not fall off on potholes. For gadgets with a screen no larger than 8 inches, such a suction cup mount, as in the  GlobalHold , will be an ideal, reliable option.
  2. On a special sticker– double-sided tape is fixed on the windshield in a place that does not interfere with the view. It is necessary to think over the attachment point in advance, since it will be difficult to change the location.
  3. On a torpedo– mounted on the dashboard of a car. A popular model of this type of car holder –  Belkin Dash & Window Mount,  allows you to remove the DVR without disturbing the mount. Along with the simplicity and ease of mounting, there is also a minus – a decrease in the viewing angle due to the low location of the device.

How to properly install the DVR to make the most of all its functions? It must be remembered that the mount should not be cumbersome: it is important that it makes it possible to turn the device to the sides. It is worth paying attention to fasteners with metal axles, not plastic ones. Reliable fixation will not allow the device to loosen, because the rattling affects the image quality.

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Where is the best place to fix the DVR?

When placing the device in a car, you need to make sure that:

  • the camera is directed towards the road and has a wide view;
  • the mount does not interfere with the driver;
  • fixation will not allow the device to change location while driving.

How to install a video recorder so that the device does not obstruct the driver’s view? In addition to placing it in the center, you can fix the device on the passenger side, on the right side of the windshield, but there is a possibility that it will not give a complete picture of what is happening.

Another option where to mount the DVR is to be placed on the left side of the windshield. This gives a vision of the road situation through the eyes of the person behind the wheel. But this option is suitable if the device is small and does not distract attention from the road.

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How to attach the DVR? It is necessary to proceed from the dimensions of the device and the personal wishes of the driver. The holder can be glued, it will turn out very reliably, but it will not be easy to remove such a device. A high-quality fixture (for example,  F8J168bt ) must have good adhesion to the surface and not lose its ability under the influence of temperature changes.

Connecting and configuring the DVR

From the question of where to hook the DVR, you can proceed to connecting the device. The most common way is to attach the device to the windshield without laying the wires. As a result, the power cord will dangle in front of your eyes and distract the driver. In addition, this option is not very aesthetic.

Connecting directly to the cigarette lighter is considered the standard way to install a power supply. In this case, the cord can be laid along the perimeter of the windshield and fixed over the torpedo, which will look very neat. You can take the lighting plafond as the power source. The cord is held under the ceiling, sheathing and connected to the wires of the plafond.

The device will receive power after turning on the ignition. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to DVRs with a capacious battery and a motion response function, so as not to waste energy while parking (for example, Gazer F117).

Setting up the DVR is carried out after studying its characteristics and operating features described in the instructions for use. It is worth paying attention to the system settings for the date and time, as well as the language.

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In modern models, manufacturers offer drivers to adjust functions to suit their needs: recording cycle, shooting resolution, motion sensor and other useful indicators.

Instrument menus are often similar and do not require special skills to enter the desired settings. The table will help you figure out how to cope with the settings of the most popular indicators.

Function Settings
Time After turning on the device, you need to manually enter the indicators, or after contact with the network, the device will set the date automatically.
Roller length Recording cycle options can be different, you need to choose the optimal length. On average, convenient readings are 2 to 5 minutes.
Shock sensor To prevent imported equipment from squeaking at every pothole on the way, you need to intervene in the sensitivity level settings. The minimum values ​​will not react to road irregularities, but will retain information in the event of a collision or impact.
Night shooting By selecting the “exposure” item in the settings, you can adjust the contrast and the level of illumination at night.

The usefulness of the device depends on the correct setup of the DVR.

The material can be summed up as follows – the method of fixing the device is very important. For example,  Aspiring ALIBI 1  comes with a special suction cup. Equipment with a bracket or a double-sided tape sticker is also common. Considering the importance of having a reliable car holder, you should pay attention to other mounting options. For example, there are models built into the rearview mirror.

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Buying a useful device is half the battle; without proper mounting and choosing the necessary settings, it can remain an expensive toy and not perform the assigned functions at 100%.

The DVR, installed correctly, does not interfere with the view from the driver’s seat, does not distract attention and therefore cannot cause an accident. The image of the device covers what is happening as much as possible and helps to demonstrate the truth.

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