How to set up fax on an MFP

The key argument in favor of buying an MFP as a type of office equipment is its versatility. The MFP is successfully used as a copier, scanner, printer, and even a fax machine.

Equally important is the fact that the MFP is capable of operating autonomously or from a computer, and the cost of the equipment will be significantly lower in comparison with the price of all the listed devices separately. But all these advantages are relevant only if the user will competently use all the capabilities of such a device. For example, how to set up a fax on an MFP.

The most common types of printers in the design of MFPs inkjet
What MFPs Can Do scan
receive and send faxes

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Setup Instructions

The fax function (including on MFPs) works through a telephone line. Before setting up a fax on the MFP, you need to connect it. This requires a computer and a telephone line.

MFP connection

For OS Windows suggest the following sequence of actions:

  1. In the Control Panel, you need to select the option responsible for installing and removing software;
  2. Among the OS elements, you need to select “Fax Service” and then follow the instructions that will be generated by the Component Wizard;
  3. After that, the PC will recognize the MFP and will allow you to set the necessary settings through the “Properties” tab in the context menu (in the “Printers and Faxes” directory).

In most cases, the answer on how to configure the printer as a fax can be obtained by deciding on the algorithm for connecting to the telephone line. The best solution would be to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Advice: it is recommended to use a separate line for these purposes. In this case, the setting will be more convenient, simple, while sending or receiving a message, the device will work automatically without operator intervention.

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Installing Drivers

Before connecting the fax to the printer, you will need to install drivers for the device to operate and operate correctly. Included with any of the devices is a disc with the corresponding software. Certain brands (like Samsung and HP ) use generic drivers that can be used across the entire line of MFPs. Before setting up a fax on a printer, it is necessary to take into account that the proposed software must be compatible with the OS installed on the computer.

How to set up fax through a printer: 5 basic steps

  1. Connecting the MFP to a computer , a telephone line, installing all the necessary drivers.
    2. Configuring all operating parameters of the device in the “Fax Settings” tab.

Tip: It is recommended to disable “Error Correction”, which often causes system failures. It is also advisable at this stage to check the operability of the device, to save the selected parameters.

  1. In a situation where the MFP is connected to a mini-automatic telephone exchange , you will need a firmware file and a special utility to automate the software update during the operation of the equipment (as a rule, all the necessary programs are available on the manufacturer’s website).
    4. After starting the utility, you will need to select an MFP and a file.
    5. Reboot. After that, you will need to re-configure the equipment.

It is also recommended that you check the basic settings of your device to optimize your performance. In particular, it may be necessary to make changes to the phone book, the choice between tone or pulse dialing (they must be the same on the phone and MFP). The fax will work more stably at a low transmission speed (the corresponding mode must be selected in the settings). After setting the optimal parameters, it is better to check the device (on the main panel, there is the “Settings” function for this, which has the “Tools” and “Check” options).

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Sending and receiving faxes through the MFP

Fax sending process

A fax can be sent from an automatic document feeder (ADF) or scanning gadget. The first option is more suitable for messages consisting of a large number of pages. In this case, you can send both text and graphics. Before sending a fax to the MFP, you will need:

  • the guide moves to the extreme position;
  • the document is placed with the image facing up;
  • Load paper with the top fed first.
  • after the message “Original loaded” is displayed on the screen, press “Fax” and select the number;
  • select the option “Color” or “Black and white”.

Sending from the scanner glass is recommended if the paper has a non-standard size, the document consists of one or a couple of pages, or the model of the MFP does not, in principle, have an ADF. In this case, the original is aligned with the left edge of the glass, face down, before sending the fax through the printer. After closing the scanner lid , press “Fax”, dial the number and select the option “Color” or “Black and White”.

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Receiving fax process

Before receiving a fax on the MFP, you must take into account that the device is capable of receiving messages both manually and automatically. It is possible to receive messages by pressing the corresponding button or via an answering machine. In the second case, before receiving a fax to the printer, the device itself will answer the incoming call and so the subscriber will be able to leave a voice message. But when a tone is received, it will automatically switch to fax.

Many questions arise about how to send a fax from a printer in a secure mode. After all, there are situations when the printermay be left unattended. In this mode, unauthorized users will be denied access to documents. To configure it, you will need a registered secret code to avoid unforeseen situations and information leaks.

If you strictly follow the algorithm of actions recommended by the manufacturer, in most cases the MFP will be able to successfully replace several types of office equipment at once. At the same time, it will be possible to save money that will be required not only for the purchase, but also for its periodic maintenance and repair. It is only important to correctly configure the unit in order to use its capabilities to the fullest.

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