How to insert script on a website?

Today we enter the subject of programming, because although this topic is really broad , it is always good to know a little about one or another detail. The script is a base concept in the language of computers. In this way we will not be so lost currently on the subject.

In this case we will talk about scripts , from what they are to what they do and what is their function in this world of computing? They are actually present in most of the actions we perform on our computers.

These scripts are basically part of the anatomy of our systems and programs . If you are a programmer, or you have some knowledge in computing, you know what I am talking about, but if you are a beginner like most, he invited you to continue reading so that you can get into context with the next topic.

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  1. Script concept
  2. What are the functions of a script?
  3. What should I do to create a script?
  4. How to insert and run a script on a website?
  5. How to check that a script works?
  6. Process to remove from an unwanted script
  7. What are the most used programming languages ​​for scripts?

Script concept

To explain everything in more detail, let’s start with the meaning of his name which in Spanish means ‘ script’ , which makes much more sense than you think. These ‘scripts’ or ‘script’ from a simpler point of view, are a sequence of lines of code that you must follow to carry out an action.

In other words, these scripts have instructions written in codes through which a large number of functions can be executed within a program. Therefore, it can be said that the script is in charge of giving orders to certain parts of a program in a sequential way.

Now in terms of web programming, a script is a code or fragment of it which is inserted into an HTML document. Therefore, it can be executed and interpreted by the web browser and said codes can be seen in the browser.

What are the functions of a script?

In short, scripts can keep track of different events within a program , as mentioned at the beginning of the article. These are the scripts that must be followed in a program to be executed correctly.

A clear example is the following: the moment you visit a web page, an action is performed, it can be to download a file or enter a news blog. By clicking on ‘download’ or on the blog , a specific script is being executed or ‘running’ that performs this action without generating problems.

In the same way, the same thing happens in any action that is carried out from our computers, such as moving the window or simply deleting the browser history .

Knowing all this, could you imagine the amount of scripts required to get one of your favorite games to run? It is almost impossible to imagine a number, but really there are many necessary .

A clear example in games is the one we can see in Roblox, where it is necessary to use the Lua programming language . These games must have a script, for each action that is performed, so this is a large amount.

What should I do to create a script?

Creating a script is something very simple that can be done even in a notes application as long as the syntax is respected. That is, that the written instructions are possible to read and execute for the machine. Thus, to create a script you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the text program of your choice.
  • Write the instructions that you want to be executedin a valid and consistent programming language.
  • When finished, you will click on ‘Save as …’and you will save it in the compiler format where you are going to run it.

There are different programming languages ​​where the use of scripts is basic, which is why there are several execution formats. A few examples are. py for Python and .bat for Windows .

How to insert and run a script on a website?

Web page developers use servers that contain all the necessary data to be able to execute any script . That is why in order to perform this action it is important to have access to the body of the web page code.

To insert a script on a website, it is enough to copy and paste it into the source so that it can be executed. This will depend on the action taken with the instructions in the script.

Likewise, it is also possible to create simple scripts and run them in a browser , such as Chrome. This allows the execution of scripts written in .php thanks to the fact that it is based on the JavaScript programming language.

How to check that a script works?

There are different programs or compilers in which you can test the script and check that its syntax is correct. In this way, it is verified that the instructions are executable, making it possible to insert it into a web page.

We can find a variety of compilers for the different programming languages. For example, NetBeans is the compiler or ‘development environment’ where you can run scripts written in Java .

Likewise, Python can run scripts in the Windows console only if they are well written. Checking a script is the arduous task that programmers struggle every day to be able to execute the code without problems .

Process to remove from an unwanted script

Yes, as in all good things, there is bad. These scripts are a favorite tool for ‘ computer hackers’ , since in this way they can perform automated orders. These are directed directly throughout our browser, affecting it in one way or another.

Most of these are usually embedded within .html or .php files . And they can hide data in a way that is much more difficult for the antivirus to detect it. Its main function is to steal information, alter the operation of a program and make execution fail completely.

In order to eliminate an unwanted script, you have to find the source code where it is hosted , so that you can disable its operation. There are programs that help in this process, although you can also read all the instructions until you find the unwanted piece. However, it is best to have a good antivirus that finds the unwanted script.

What are the most used programming languages ​​for scripts?

Now in Windows these scripts are known as Batch files , these can be found in the codes of programs that have extensions .bash or .as. In addition to Java, there are other languages ​​for creating a script, such as ActionScript, Lua, Python, Ruby, and VPScript. Which are also quite used today.

The scripts are executed directly in the browser, but not directly on the server where the page being visited is located, for that reason a database cannot be managed from this.

Another important piece of information is Java was the first language to be used to create a script , it is for this reason that the following word ” JavaScript ” is well known, right? You’ve probably seen it before.

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