How to increase the wireless reception of my computer

The WiFi network is a tool that has made everyone’s life easier, however, this technology is not without flaws. The quality of its operation can be reduced if the router is poorly positioned or if the antenna is not working properly. It further increases the problem, if there is an error in your Windows operating system, which you need to prioritize to  fix your connection. 

If you live in an area with a high density of people, it is possible that the signal of your router suffers from interference and this seriously affects the speed of your Internet connection, even if you have a powerful antenna. Do not despair, this has a very simple solution that will restore the strength of your signal so that you can navigate more smoothly.

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  1. How to change the wireless channel of my PC to get better signal
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How to change the wireless channel of my PC to get better signal

Before I explain how to adjust the wireless channel to boost your connection, you need to know what is wrong with the channels and why they are prone to outside interference. Most WiFi routers transmit their data within a specific frequency band (2.4 GHz), which is usually between 2412 MHz and 2472 MHz.

In total, there are 13 channels within these frequencies, sharing a portion of the band each. The issue is that some channels, due to their space in the spectrum , overlap each other . That means that channel 1, for example, can cause interference on channels 2 and 3, hampering their signal and hindering their performance.

To solve this, it is enough to switch to a channel that is far away in the frequency spectrum and thus recover all the power of your router. Some do this by switching to the 5 GHz band, which has a larger number of non-overlapping channels; but, being a recent technology, not all routers and not all devices are compatible with that frequency.

What is the alternative? Manually change the channel of your router . First of all, you need to know what is the current channel you use and what channels are active around you. To do this you can download the inSSIDer monitoring service on your computer or install WiFi Analyzer on your cell phone (which will also help you increase WiFi speed on mobile devices). Both options will show you the optimal channel for your network.

The next step is to go to your router settings ( or by entering your credentials. The interface may vary depending on the brand of router you are using, but you will usually find the section to change the channel under ‘Network’ and then ‘WLAN’.

The default setting is ‘Auto’, which allows the router to change the channel itself to suit the best one, at least in theory, so it is a recommended option. But, since this option does not always give the best results , you can change the channel manually and select the most convenient one based on the previous scan.

After saving the changes, you will notice a significant improvement in your connection. Although it is not good that you celebrate it yet, because if the other routers in your area are configured in ‘Auto’, they could detect that your channel has better performance and change , forcing you to repeat the process from time to time. Even so, it is a more than profitable alternative.

How to increase the wireless reception of my computer

In addition to configuring the channel of your WiFi, there are other things you can do to extend and improve the signal of the router  and your connection works much better on your computer. There are also several alternatives to improve your connection from the cell phone and improve signal reception.

Signal strength is the key to a stable, high-speed connection, however, there are many obstacles in home environments that weaken your router’s signal . They can be other devices that transmit waves (as in the case of your neighbors’ routers) or everyday objects made of certain materials.

For your signal to be the best in any part of the house, you must make sure that you place the router in the right place , which is a high and open place that allows it to distribute the signal properly. It does not matter if your router has three antennas, this is essential so that it can work optimally and the signal of your connection has a greater range.


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