SuperEQ S1 Review: Wireless and Wired Hybrid Bluetooth Headphones

The technology market is now flooded with wireless headphones or wired headphones, of all kinds; there are thousands of brands and models that offer comfort and powerful bass at decent prices. The biggest problem is finding the right headphones for your needs, that’s why we’re here to advise you to take a look at our review of the SuperEQ S1 , a pair of affordable wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and up to 45 hours of battery life. .


  • SuperEQ S1: the complete test
    • Packaging
    • Design and build quality
    • Features and controls
    • Technical specifications
    • Noise cancellation
    • Audio and call quality
    • Autonomy
    • Multipoint connection
    • Conclusions and price
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SuperEQ S1: the complete test

SuperEQ is a brand belonging to OneOdio , of which we have already reviewed several headphones. Here too we find the same logic: decent sound , good value for money , sturdy construction and comfort in wearing them for long periods of time.

SuperEQ S1 headphones have been designed for an immersive listening experience. The four built-in microphones with noise cancellation reduces the low frequency noise, like the noise of city traffic or an aircraft cabin. With dual 40mm drivers they are capable of delivering incredibly deep Hi-Fi audio and bass.

If you love to immerse yourself in the world of music, it’s time to try the SuperEQs, you can live a magical audio experience and live its colors and its youthful design.


The packaging of these headphones is presented in multicolor. The colors are bright and cheerful and give a sense of freshness. On the front and back of the box there are the information of the SuperEQs and how to contact assistance in case of problems. Internally, the content is divided into compartments and consists of:

  • SuperEQ S1 headphones.
  • Charging cable.
  • 5mm audio cable for wired use.
  • Airplane adapter.
  • Soft case in eco-leather for transport.
  • User Manual.
  • 24 month warranty.

Design and build quality

At first glance these ANC Bluetooth headphones give the feel of a very youthful premium design and the metal frame tends to make them appear high quality. Their ergonomics ensures comfort with pavilions , soft and padded, made from memory foam upholstered in leather protein.

The headband , also padded, is easily adjustable and adapts to the shape of any head. The 90 degree foldable design makes the headphones remarkably compact by protecting them from crushing while carrying them in your bag, on your travels or daily commutes for work or study.

Available in white with red accents , these headphones are also distinguished by the writing above the hinges of the band: ” Be Free ” and ” Be Young “, the slogans that SuperEQ wanted to propose to young and adventurous audio consumers, and ” SuperEQ ” on the exterior of both pavilions.

All this can be nicely wrapped in a supplied black soft fabric case, to store the headphones and protect them from scratches or bumps. It’s definitely a nice bonus, although a hard case would have protected them further from crushing.

Functionality and controls

As for the features we find the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that provides a stable and secure connection within 10 meters.

They are rated IPX5 on the waterproof scale, this means they can withstand moisture but cannot be exposed to water or full immersion. Exposing them to light rain will not damage them, but a heavy downpour and large splashes could become dangerous.

As already mentioned, they feature dual 40mm dynamic drivers and a series of controls (physical keys) to manage music and calls.

On the right pavilion you will find all the controls and entrances. There are 4 buttons (including voice assistant) that control Bluetooth pairing,

  • Volume up (press once) / Next track (press and hold for 2 seconds).
  • Power on / off / play.
  • Volume down (press once) / Previous track (press and hold for 2 seconds).
  • Slightly separated the switch for active noise cancellationand transparency mode . By pressing it for 2 seconds or just once you can easily switch between modes.

Also in the right pavilion, we find the micro-USB port for charging and the ports for the 3.5 mm audio jack for wired use . You will also notice some small holes – these are the multiple microphones , useful for your calls and for noise cancellation.

It lacks a USB-C port that would have significantly reduced charging times, although a full charge in about 2 hours is still a good compromise.

For incoming telephone calls, you can act on the controls of the right pavilion:

  • By pressing the central multifunction button once, you answer the call.
  • Touching the center multifunction button once during a call will close it.
  • During a call by pressing the multifunction button for a few seconds, you reject the call.
  • Pressing 2 times quickly answers incoming calls.

For other commands, I invite you to consult the user manual included in the package.

I have tried these headphones for several hours and have to say that they weren’t bulky or uncomfortable at all. The headband is really soft, while the earpads were a pleasant surprise. Inside, the letters L and R are clearly distinguished , to clearly indicate how they should be worn, L corresponds to the left ear, R to the right ear. Listening to my favorite music I was able to completely isolate myself from ambient noise and concentrate on my work. Also I could easily adjust the headband to extend it and fit the size of my head.

After 3 hours the pavilions held tight around my ears and the adjustable headband remained firm and stable on my head. When finished I folded the headphones and placed them comfortably in my backpack. I also used them for my smart working with Teams and Google Meet and I must say that I have not found any latency.

Technical specifications

  • Product name: SuperEQ S1
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm +/- 10%
  • Sensitivity: 98dB +/- 3dB
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Usage time 1: 40 hours (ANC + BT)
  • Usage time 2: 45 hours (BT only)
  • Usage time 3: 50 hours (ANC only)
  • Usage Time 4: Unlimited (Wired Only)
  • Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • Driver diameter: 40mm
  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 13.8 x 8.9 cm
  • Headphone Weight: 260g
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Noise Reduction Depth: 28-33dB
  • Warranty period: 24 months

Noise cancellation

The active noise cancellation of these headphones is perfect, it reduces noise by up to 33 dB and filters it by 96% . If you work in an open space, being able to isolate yourself from your surroundings, rather than blasting the music, is definitely a very positive thing. Taking advantage of this technology on the SuperEQ S1 at a low cost price is a significant advantage.

You will get a deep and immersive sound so you don’t miss a beat of music. Also the range of SuperEQ is wider than Sensory Bass and the dimensions of the sound are much deeper.

Consider that from the same button you can also activate the Ambient mode . This is a feature that uses the built-in microphones to capture the noises around you to play along with the music . By doing so you can listen to your music and at the same time the sounds or noises that surround you.

Audio and call quality

The sound of the SuperEQ S1 is really great . We tested a wide range of musical genres: rap , hip hop , heavy rock and all the tracks played showed a pounding and well balanced bass. The vocals are crisp and the mids and others also strike a fair balance. Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the bass levels, but we still think they are set to an appropriate level.

The range is also quite decent. Wearing them, I was able to move freely around my office and home without ever losing the signal.

As for calls , the built-in microphone works great for both receiving and making phone calls. I tested some calls and on both I found clarity in the voice of who was on the other side. Same goes for the recipient. Overall, these headsets are also suitable for video conferencing , online lectures and daily phone calls . They integrate perfectly with any voice broadcasting program.


As already mentioned, the recent Bluetooth 5.0 protocol guarantees high efficiency and stability. In terms of battery life we ​​are around 45 hours . I used them for a week after a first recharge for about 35 hours. Of course, the use of active noise cancellation could affect a consumption of about 10% of the total.

In case you can use the supplied micro-USB cable to recharge them quickly in just under a couple of hours. But that is not all. In case you run out of battery life, the SuperEQ S1 are equipped with a 3.5mm jack with audio cable to connect them to the source and enjoy more hours of music.

Multipoint connection

Feature not to be underestimated of the SuperEQ S1 headphones is the multipoint connection . This means that you can connect two devices or music sources at the same time . It is definitely a nice feature if you are playing a video game on your gaming laptop but want to play music from your smartphone.

To start this mode, all you have to do is connect and activate Bluetooth on your device (for example your smartphone). Once the connection with the headphones is established, turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone. Then activate Bluetooth on the second device (e.g. laptop) and pair it with the headphones. Once you’ve done that, turn Bluetooth back on on your smartphone and select SuperEQ S1 again to pair it with your headphones.

As you can see, this is an easy to use connection and very useful for listening to music from any device even if you are already using one.

Conclusions and price

The SuperEQ S1 all in all are a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and are looking for budget headphones with ANC and long battery life. The sound really impressed me: heavy lows, nice highs and mids and above all no distortion or blur effects . Not to mention the comfort I felt in wearing them for hours and hours.

Having said that at the price of only 69.99 euros on Amazon with a 20% discount, I don’t think you will find better.


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