How to increase the fps in Fortnite on PC

Fortnite is literally depopulating among the youngest gamers. It is undoubtedly the battle royale video game of the moment and 250 million players play it every day on various platforms (Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android). Given the game mode, however, the PC is definitely the best platform to venture into the game. But how to increase frames per second (fps) and reduce lag on Fornite for PC and iPad? Follow this guide and you will find out.


  • How to increase fps in Fortnite on PC
    • Update your video card drivers
    • Changing the graphics settings
    • Launcher configuration
    • However, the FPS on fortnite are too few and the game lags
  • How to increase fps in Fortnite on iPad

How to increase fps in Fortnite on PC

Update your video card drivers

You may not know that outdated video card drivers can reduce game fps . Depending on the brand of your video card you will have a tool to download and install the latest drivers. Search for the tool and update the drivers. If you use an nvidia card, follow this guide to best configure it and increase the fps on Fortnite for PC

Changing the graphics settings

To optimize the fps , unless you have an over-armored gaming computer, you will have to submit to “some waivers.” To increase the fps on Fortnite for PC you will have to eliminate some graphic aspects of the game considered unimportant that weigh down the video processing.

Started the Fortnite game, click on settings (the gear symbol at the top right) and then click on the video at the top.

Change these items:

LIMIT FRAME RATE: Set to unlimited

3D RESOLUTION: Lower it if the FPS is too low

VIEW DISTANCE: set it to medium

SHADOWS: set it to no

ANTIALIASING:  set it to no

TEXTURE: set low

EFFECTS: turn them off


MOTION BLUR: set to no

Launcher configuration

Start Epic games launcher and click on settings at the bottom

Scroll and click on  Fortnite,  two options will open here

Select  additional command line arguments


Now that you’ve optimized everything, try running the game and enjoy the improvement! I’m sure you earned 10-15 frames.

However, the FPS on fortnite are too few and the game lags

If after following all the steps I have told you the game is still unplayable then it is really time to put your hand to your wallet and update your PC with new components (especially a new video card)..

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