How to go to explore the moon in BitLife

I have always wanted to explore the vast galaxy as an astronaut, visiting different planets, conducting experiments and discovering the unknown. Luckily, Bitlife provides the perfect life simulation experience where you can choose any career you like, including becoming a deep space astronaut. As an astronaut, you can publish deep space scans and move up the ranks to finally visit the Moon and Mars. So, if you want to learn more about Bitlife’s Moon exploration, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to become a major and visit the moon in Bitlife.

Go Exploring the Moon at Bitlife

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Your path to becoming an astronaut begins as soon as you purchase the Astronaut Mission Pack. This gives you the opportunity to attend space camp at the age of 8. From now on, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites such as attending a flight school, getting a pilot’s license, applying to the Space Academy, and finally getting an offer from NASA. .

  • Register as a candidate for the Space Academyyou will find it under Special Jobs in the Astronaut section.
  • Upon entering the Space Academy, complete a series of fitness training, flight simulator, and technical training tests.
  • Space Academy graduate and apply to NASA

Applying and getting into NASA brings you one step closer to exploring the moon. Most likely, you will start working at NASA as a cadet, where you will need to gain experience by conducting various research experiments, spacewalks, repairing satellites, publishing articles on space scanning, sending probes to the galaxy, and much more. After reaching the Major rank in NASA you will be able to select the Lunar Exploration Mission in Special Jobs.

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It’s usually enough to spend a couple of years at NASA, but you may get this offer earlier. Visit the Missions tab under Astronaut in Special Jobs , and set off on your first exploration of the Moon. You will receive a mission notification similar to the one shown in the image above. Before starting the mission, we recommend that you put your affairs in order and write a will, as there is a certain risk associated with space exploration. This comes from an experience where we died in one of those missions and had to go back in time to get our initial progress. Once you’re ready, start the Moon Exploration mission, complete a series of questions and mini-games to complete the mission.


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