How to get free coins in Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour game is available for download on cell phones with either Android or iOS operating system.Within said game, two types of currency are handled, first there are rubies, which you can pay with real money if you wish, although you can also find them for free within the game , but they are more scarce.

Another fundamental part of the game is the gold coins , which you can obtain just by playing, that is why in the following article we are going to explain various simple methods to obtain many coins of this type.

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  1. How many coins can I get for free in Mario Kart Tour?
  2. How do you get coins for free in Mario Kart Tour?
    1. Logging in daily
    2. With Gold Rush mode
    3. leveling up
  3. What career tips can help me earn more free coins in Mario Kart Tour?
    1. make a perfect run
    2. The stunts increase in coins

How many coins can I get for free in Mario Kart Tour?

If you have downloaded the Mario Kart Tour video game and want to get a lot of coins , you may be wondering how many you can get for free, this will depend on all the effort you dedicate to the game, since even entering several days in a row in him, they can give you coins, therefore we cannot give you an exact number of coins. And so it’s kind of limited.

How do you get coins for free in Mario Kart Tour?

In most racing games for Android you need some kind of coins, and in the case of the Mario Kart Tour game , it is something very useful, since with them you can change the car to a better one or change its components so that work much more, giving us a better experience.

There are more and more things that you can buy within the store of the game itself, that is why below we will tell you a few tricks that you can apply to obtain many coins for free in Mario Kart Tour.

Logging in daily

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn gold coins and for free in Mario Kart Tour, is with perseverance, by this we mean that if you log in to the game for several days in a row , you will receive a few gold coins without no cost or effort.

This is something of great help to achieve our goal and best of all, it will only take a few seconds, since it will not even be necessary to run , so we recommend that you set the alarm on your personal phone to remember to enter the I play daily and let’s not forget, you can even do it while you’re at work.

With Gold Rush mode

Another way to get coins in one of the best Android games is through the fever mode , to access it, you must have some rubies, and said mode is located at the top of your phone’s screen.

This is specifically designed to obtain gold coins very quickly, for example with a single circuit that you do you can win more than 200 coins, which will be distributed on the track so that the player can start collecting them later, if you have of various rubies, the more coins you can earn. Next we will leave you a small guide so that you take it very much into account.

  • If you have 5 rubies, just multiply the coins by 2.
  • In case there are 15 rubies, multiply the coins by 6.
  • And finally if there are 25 rubies then it is multiplied by 10.

So, thanks to this mode, in each of the circuits you complete you will be able to earn a large amount of coins, and thus your wallet will increase, therefore, you can buy whatever you want inside the store . Then we advise you to save your rubies, to use in gold rush mode.

leveling up

Every time you do various races or compete in a cup within the Mario Kart Tour game, it makes you level up, and when you level up, the game gives you gold coins as a reward, so it is good that you dedicate time to said game to be able to raise the level, obviously for this you must not only dedicate time but you must also be good to win.

What career tips can help me earn more free coins in Mario Kart Tour?

When you have a race in Mario Kart Tour,  there are some things you can do to earn more free gold coins and that is why we here at Watch How To Do It will tell you some tips that will help you achieve it.

make a perfect run

If you make a perfect race, that is, you come in first place, you don’t trip over any objects, you throw objects at other opponents, this will make you get bonuses that will be converted into coins, so we recommend you give your best throughout the race .

The stunts increase in coins

When we start a race, it is very easy to observe all the gold coins that we are collecting and obtaining, then you will be able to notice that when you make a good skid , or an excellent turn in the air, or simply throw an object at another opponent.

The Mario Kart game automatically gives us coins as a prize. That is why performing these stunts or maneuvers is of great help, and thus our gold coins are increasing more and more. All this must be added to the previous step, that is, winning the race.


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