How to get a professional pencil drawing with Photoshop

You are one of the people who loves to draw both people and objects in pencil, and you would like to capture it in digital format . Well, find out that, if possible, you can convert a photo or image to pencil drawing in Photoshop in a professional way. With Photoshop, you don’t have to limit yourself, everything you can imagine can be created with this ideal image editor for you.

Therefore, if you want to know what steps you should take to convert a photograph or image to a pencil drawing in Photoshop, keep reading.

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  1. How to get a professional pencil drawing with Photoshop
  2. Use a grid sheet with Photoshop

How to get a professional pencil drawing with Photoshop

In this section of this guide, we will explain the first steps for you to get a professional pencil drawing with Photoshop. In addition, you can edit the photos in Photoshop , and give your personal touch to the drawing, following the following steps that we will indicate:

  • Your first step will be to choose the photograph or image that you want to convert into a drawing.
  • The second thing is, open the Adobe Photoshop application.
  • Once you enter, open the photo you have chosenin Photoshop.
  • By going to the right side column, you will be able to find the layer that the photograph has.
  • If it is partially blocked, you will find a padlock next to the name of the photograph.
  • Next, you will have to unlock the image by clicking on the padlock.
  • Now, you need to duplicate the image layer; you have two options:
  1. Right click on the mouse button and choose the duplicate layer option.
  2. Press CTRL + J.

Desaturate, Invert, Color Dodge, and Blur the image

Next, we will have to desaturate, invert, overexpose color and blur the copy that we have created of our photograph, and take the following steps.

  • First we will have to desaturate the image.
  1. Go to the top menu and select, image> adjustment> desaturate.
  2. You can also use the Shift + CTRL + U keyboard trick.
  3. Next, we proceed to duplicate the layer that we already desaturated.
  4. We keep the layer pressed and at the same time we type CTRL + J again.
  • Now, we invert the last copywe created.
  1. We select the top menu and then image> settings> invert.
  2. If you want, you can use the trick of, CTRL + I.
  • Next, we will switch from Blending Mode to Color Dodge.
  1. Select the menu that pops up above the layers, which you will find in normal mode.
  2. Among the drop-down options, we have to choose to dodge color.
  • Now we move on to converting the layer into a smart object.
  1. We click the right button of the mouse on the layer and choose the alternative “Convert to smart object”.
  • After these steps, we have to apply the Gaussian blurto the layer.
  1. We go to the top menu and select filters> blur> Gaussian blur.
  2. Then the Gaussian blur tab will appear on the screen.
  3. At the same time, the “Preview” box must be activated to observe the changes made to the photograph.
  4. The radius is changed, adjusting it to our liking, this can be an average of 22 the value of the correct radius.
  5. Finally, we select “Ok” and we will already obtain our photograph with a drawing appearance.

Important fact: did you know that with the Photoshop application you can restore a faded, old and stained photo in just a few steps. why do not you try it?

Use a grid sheet with Photoshop

This is a trick, which will allow you to give a pencil drawing look to your design , by adding a grid sheet.

  • First we open the document where the grid sheet is located.
  • Now, we press the “Move” tool and direct the grid over our drawing.
  • Next, we select CTRL + T to modify the size of the grid to that of the drawing.
  • Then we will have to unify the grid with the drawing.
  • We select the “multiply fusion” mode, entering the “Blending mode” drop-down menu and pressing “Multiply”.
  • Lastly, we lower the opacity of the grid layer, so that it looks smoother.
  • The opacity can be 46%, and thus we have managed to give the appearance of a drawing to a photograph.

We hope these steps are useful for you and you create excellent drawings with Photoshop , you could even make a collage of photos with this application.


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