How to get a free Zoho Mail account

Do you want a free personal email account that is not supported? Try Zoho

Zoho Workplace is a range of applications designed for businesses, but Zoho also provides a personalized email address. A business account at Zoho contains all the tools for managing communication and information in a group environment, free of charge, while an ad-free personal Zoho Mail account with an email address appears at the domain. To create a personal Zoho address and a Zoho Mail account with 5 GB of online message storage, all you need is an active mobile number where you can receive text messages.

Sign up for a free Zoho Mail account

To set up a free personal Zoho Mail account with an @ address:

  1. Go to the Zoho Mail Sign up page.
  2. Click the Personalized Emailbutton below To get started with ad-free email.
  3. Enter your preferred username– the part that appears before @ in your email address – into the email address you want.
  4. Enter a passwordin the Password field. Choose an email password that is fairly easy to remember and sufficiently difficult to guess.
  5. Enter your first and last namein the fields provided. You do not have to use your real name.
  6. Enter a phone numberwhere you can receive text messages and confirm it by entering the number again.
    1. Tip: Do not include the dashes in the phone number. Enter only a 10-digit range of numbers (your number plus area code) without punctuation. For example: 9315550712
  7. Grayscale the box to agree to Zoho’s terms of serviceand privacy policy .
  8. Click Sign up for free.
  9. Enter the verification codereceived via SMS on your phone in the space provided on the verification page.
  10. Click Verify Code.

You can also sign up for a free email address using Google , Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn .


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