How to format my Android tablet without buttons?

We always do our best to satisfy the questions that our users have regarding the operation of their devices and their failures. We try to give them simple but effective solutions that allow them to save time and money. Especially when it comes to resetting a Samsung mobile phone without volume buttons.

Some pose certain challenges applicable to very specific cases, such as learning to do a factory reset or reset a tablet without volume buttons. Especially if you want to reinstall WhatsApp and add contacts from your tablet or any other Android apps.

This is a rare situation, but it can occur when, due to some inconvenience, it is not possible to format or do a hard reset without volume buttons . This in order to be able to access Recovery mode if the screen stays on the logo .

Perhaps some think that this is not possible and that it is necessary to have the volume buttons active on the Samsung brand Canaima Android tablet in order to do so. But we are going to show you that it does not have to be that way when it comes to formatting or resetting an Android device.

How to Reset a Tablet Without Using the Volume Buttons

You should remember that a reset or hard reset will cause you to lose all the information you have inside your Android tablet. That is, it will leave it with its original factory settings. The truth is that it does not matter if you do it without volume buttons or decide to reset in any other way. The result will be the same after restarting the Android system, regardless of the hardware it has.

Therefore, we recommend that you make a backup of all your files or those that are most important to you in applications such as WhatsApp. Keep in mind that you can do the hard reset regardless of whether you mark it on Samsung or any other mobile phone.

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  1. Reasons to perform a Hard Reset on tablets
  2. How to format my Android tablet without buttons?
    1. Format a Canaima tablet
    2. Hard reset an Exo tablet
  3. Other alternatives to factory reset my Android tablet
    1. Hard reset my tablet from Settings
    2. Reset my Android tablet from Recovery mode with volume buttons
    3. Format my Android tablet from PC
  4. Can I reset my tablet if it is damaged?

Reasons to perform a Hard Reset on tablets

There are ample reasons for users to perform this procedure (without volume buttons) on a device such as tablets with Android OS. Among them, there is a possible defect in the performance of the device, sometimes requiring this process to be carried out so that all its elements work before the failure.

Note that while this is essential to get the user out of a jam, it should not be done impulsively. In the worst case, it could lead us to have to install or restart from scratch , all the applications that we had on our terminal.

If the equipment has a defect that causes a slowness in its operating system, it would be another reason that could lead the user to carry out a Hard Reset on his Tablet . Of course, make sure you have made a backup before formatting or resetting the Android phone.

How to format my Android tablet without buttons?

We have already entered the subject so that you can learn to reset this device without volume buttons or entering Recovery mode . The first thing you should do is turn off your tablet to start the procedure right now.

  • All tablets have a hard reset button for formatting. Perhaps you did not know this, but it is a semi-hidden button that is usually located near the Micro USB connection and the audio input. This may vary according to the model or brand of your tablet, but if you look a little in its instruction manual you will be able to find information on the exact location of the Reset button.
  • After you have located this, you must hold it down with a clip wire or a needle while pressing the Poweror Power button . This joint action is an alternative way to start Recovery mode so the android icon will appear on the screen.
  • Now that you have entered Recovery you will have to press the Power button and press Reset THREE times.
  • Choose the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset option and execute it with the Power button.
  • You keep scrolling in the same way and select Yes — Delete all user dataand confirm with the Power button.
  • Then you just have to wait a few minutes for the Factory Reset to complete.
  • You are going to press the Reboot System Nowoption and the tablet will reboot without volume buttons.

This is a hard reset procedure that is useful for the most famous brands in the world, among which we can name you Onda , Master G, Aoc, Smartbitt, Acer, Vios, Tmovie, Haier, Sony, LG, Samsung and many other manufacturers of tablets. . The truth is that you do not require additional steps when formatting or resetting your computer. After all, they have the same operating system.

Format a Canaima tablet

The main thing above all is to determine what will be the strategy that we will use. For example, on a mobile phone the steps are very different from Canaimas, but similar on tablets. Depending on the model you own, you will be able to perform this action without volume buttons and opting for other alternatives.

Among these, we can mention the booting of a USB memory to do the hard reset and format the equipment in its entirety. The other option is to use a disk drive in case the Canaima Tablet does not have similar hardware.

In the case of Android exo tablets , you have to investigate a bit if you can format with a bootable memory or without it. You may have alternatives to the conventional one which is without volume buttons.

If it is a laptop-style Canaima , then you have multiple options to implement, either by LAN, by a USB stick or even a CD drive. The process to format or hard reset should not change, much less the procedures.

As for the steps to follow to reset the device with or without volume buttons, it is as follows:

  • Turn off or restart the deviceand when the first logo appears, press the Delete key as fast as you can.
  • After you enter the system Bios, there you will go to the Advanced tab and you will locate the Controller Mode Optinoption and click on Compatible.
  • Then proceed to save the changes you have made.
  • This should be enough to continue with the corresponding procedures.

Hard reset an Exo tablet

The reality is that there is not much distinction in terms of other devices that are not an Exo Tablet. The possibilities and options when formatting or doing a hard reset . All you have to do to opt for a device reset without volume buttons is:

  • Download a program known as Universal ADB Helper
  • Once you have it on your computer, connect the Tablet to the PC and wait for the Drivers installation process to finish. This step is essential to format the computer.
  • Now it’s time to run the program and among its options, choose Reboot and then Bootloader.
  • At this point, you have to press on Factory Reset via Fastboot.

Generally, it doesn’t matter if it is an Exo Tablet or any other, but it is recommended to boot the Tablet or PC into Bootloader via the USB connection.

Other alternatives to factory reset my Android tablet

There are different alternatives for users when resetting, formatting or hard resetting an exo tablet without volume buttons. Just take into account the current conditions of your equipment, what operating system it has (Android or iOS) and other aspects.

In general, all Canaima Tablets have Android as the operating system. If it is an iOS device, the steps to format it are more limited and delicate when formatting or resetting the device with or without buttons.

Hard reset my tablet from Settings

It can be from the configuration or from the settings, it is the same. In order to restart, format or hard reset your device , you have to:

  • Go to the settings of the exo tablet or any other model.
  • From there, choose the Privacy or Security Settings option.
  • In this section you have to locate where it says Backup or restore.
  • When you select it, choose Factory Reset.
  • All that is left to do is to accept the terms of resetting the Android systemthat asks you. From here, it only remains to proceed to click on the button that they show you.

Reset my Android tablet from Recovery mode with volume buttons

This is contrary to what we have been telling throughout the article. Although it is true that there are other ways that may be complicated for some, formatting a tablet without the volume buttons is not feasible. So your main option will be this and for this, you have to:

  • Start by turning off the device and proceed to restart it, but keeping the volume down key pressed together with the power key.
  • This will take you to the recovery mode interface. Here you have to locate the Wipe Data Factory Reset option.
  • You can make use of the volume buttons to scroll through the menu.
  • With the power on, you can make the choice. To finish the hard reset process, you just have to press Yes and that’s it.

This may take a while, it will vary depending on the device and the information that is there. Doing this with buttons is easy as long as they are in good condition. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to simply reset or restart a Samsung mobile phone .

Format my Android tablet from PC

This is the easiest option that we can find, as long as you know well what the procedure is and what program to use. When doing a hard reset with buttons , everything becomes easy, but this becomes difficult when you have to reset or restart the device from a computer.

The reason for this is due to the use and knowledge of the programs for it. We put a practical example a moment ago, but it is not the only alternative. You just have to make sure that the software you are going to choose is compatible with the hardware of your Tablet . Thus, you will not have any problem when you want to reset the device.

Can I reset my tablet if it is damaged?

As such, it depends a lot on the conditions of your device. If you have a corrupted ROM or it cannot be recognized by a computer via USB, it is difficult to achieve anything.

But it all depends on how much damage you have. If it is something minor, you can restart the computer and do the hard reset with buttons . If it doesn’t work for you, proceed to perform without them and so you go until you rule out the possibilities.


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