How to create buttons in Telegram for interactive posts?

Telegram has managed to automate its interface through a wide variety of tools that it makes available to all users, for editing and evolution. This is the case of Telegram buttons, which go one step ahead in terms of interactions between the content of a publication and the users who had access to it. Each user has the possibility to create Telegram buttons to manage different functions, while applying the appropriate procedure.

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  1. What is the main function of the buttons in Telegram?
  2. How many types of buttons are there to create in Telegram?
    1. URL buttons
    2. Callback buttons
    3. Voting buttons
    4. Share button
    5. Switch buttons
  3. How can I create my buttons in the Telegram group?
    1. BotFather
    2. ControllerBot

What is the main function of the buttons in Telegram?

The buttons or keypads of Telegram comprise a particular function of the messaging platform, essentially destined to the classification of different tools of the application. So that the user can easily and directly access a certain action or address in their Telegram account.

Then, Telegram buttons allow adding links from groups, channels, bots or websites to a direct access within a specific window that the user designates. Therefore, by creating buttons, you can classify by categories or sections different elements that have their domain within Telegram or outside the application, depending on the nature of the type of button that has been created in each case.

How many types of buttons are there to create in Telegram?

The functions of the buttons in Telegram are directly related to the specific type of button. Therefore, numerous types of buttons have been developed so that each one manages to manage the application tools and facilitate their access to the user.

URL buttons

These are the buttons that redirect the user to another information window , either within the application or outside its domain. Therefore, the URL button is used to link the link address of a platform of interest; as a group or Telegram channel, as well as any website that the user wants to sync to the button.

In addition, to alert the user that they will be redirected to another window, the URL buttons have a label at the top that signals the exit to new content.

Callback buttons

The function of these buttons is that they allow a publication within the Telegram platform to be dynamically updated; so that the application of an automatic response to a certain action with previous configuration. In addition, the callback buttons allow you to create a series of events on the particular dates that the user needs using a calendar; so that you receive a notification during the indicated time.

Voting buttons

The essential characteristic of these buttons is that they allow the user to execute his opinion in front of a survey or test . On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it is only possible to give an affirmative or negative opinion and not an intermediate point, indicating ‘I like’ or ‘I do not like’ depending on the decision regarding the particular survey. Using the ‘thumb up’ and ‘thumb down’ emoji as a decision tool in each case.

Share button

This button is used to contain the function of sharing a particular item in a more direct way. By selecting it, the user will be able to share the content of the message to another contact, a group or a channel as they prefer, without major complications.

Switch buttons

The function of this button is to switch immediately to the chat window with the application server . So it can be used to manage a new bot, add a new button to the window or change the order in which the buttons were classified in the first instance.

The button automatically takes you to the communication window with the application, but the settings must be executed manually by the user in particular.

How can I create my buttons in the Telegram group?

Any user who has an account on the Telegram platform has access to the creation of buttons or keypads, to classify their application tools in a personalized way. In order to create any of the button tools in Telegram, it is necessary to make use of some Telegram bots intended for this function.


This bot will allow you to add the button to your Telegram account or publication, to find it you must enter your Telegram account and through the search bar find ‘@BotFather’. Once you have entered the chat window with the bot, you must start it by sending a message with the content ‘/ newbot ‘ to activate it.

Once you have completed the bot activation process, you will have to create your Telegram button as you prefer. To do this, you must first define the name you will give the button and after you assign it, copy the button so that you can add it to a particular channel or group, or to your account window in the application.

Finally, to be able to edit the button’s functions, you must go to the application’s search bar and enter the address ‘@ControllerBot’ . Now, in the chat window of this section, you must paste the button that you copied before and send it to the bot to edit its function.


This bot is linked to the BotFather bot to formalize the creation of a custom button. After you have accessed the button configuration window, you will only have to define the type of button you want to create . You can open the ‘Add reactions’ tool and select some particular emojis, if you want the users of a channel or group that you are part of to interact with your publication.

On the other hand, you can also select the option ‘add URL’ if you want to designate a link address to a part of the content of the publication. In summary, you will be able to define each type of button that you want to create within this window, by selecting the corresponding tool.

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