How To Fix Runtime Error?

Occasionally it may happen that your computer (suddenly) crashes and displays a ” runtime error ” while running one of your applications. If you too have encountered such an error several times, in this article we try to clarify by explaining what runtime errors are and how they can be corrected.

The ” Runtime errors ” are the most frequent errors that can be encountered on a PC with a Windows operating system. These errors can have various causes, a few are listed below.

Most common causes of runtime errors/How To Fix Runtime Error?

  1. There are errors in the registry that cause a certain application to malfunction
    2. Incomplete installation of an application
    3. Some folders or files needed to run a certain program have disappeared or are not in the directory.
    4. Drivers are out of date
    5. Virus attack

How to fix runtime

When a runtime error appears, one of the first things you need to do is to identify the file that is causing the problem . The easiest way to find out the file or program in question is to use the “ Ctrl + Alt + Del ” method to open the Windows Task Manager window and see what programs are running. Runtime errors are normally associated with programs and, once you have identified the program causing the runtime error, simply select it in the Task Manager and click on ‘ End Task‘. Most runtime errors can be undone right after they occur, and usually then allow you to continue the operation you were doing. However, if the runtime error stops your work, here are some solutions to try.

Solution 1: 1 Click PC Care

Scanning, cleaning, and repairing the Windows registry can help resolve runtime errors caused by problems in the registry, without having to uninstall and reinstall any programs.

You can do this with a professional registry cleaning tool. Wise Care 365 is a software that can automatically analyze the system registry and clean it of unnecessary files by eliminating redundancy in the registry and repairing any errors. This software, before the correction operations, makes a backup copy in order to restore the PC to a previous point and thus avoid any problem. This software is the ideal solution for those who are not very experienced with the PC and want to avoid doing damage!

Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall programs

To fix runtime errors caused by incomplete installation, just uninstall and reinstall the program or application causing the conflict.
Tip: Remember to make a backup copy of all files before uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

Solution 3: Update programs

Some programs, especially those downloaded for free from the Internet, may require updates and / or patches to function properly. To fix the runtime error caused by some missing files, try to download the program update patch from the manufacturer’s website.

Solution 4: Scan for viruses

To fix runtime errors caused by viruses, the only solution is to use anti-virus software that detects and eliminates viruses.


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