How to fix error code 0x80070057 in Windows 10

Taking care of our equipment is very important, which is why repair services tend to be somewhat expensive. You could save yourself this by learning to solve the problems that your computer presents on your own, of course, receiving help never hurts.

That’s where we come in, learn how to solve the errors that commonly appear in Windows through our articles. This time we will teach you how to know what to do when the error code 0x80070057 window appears .

Why does error 0x80070057 occur?

There is more than one reason why this error has appeared on your Windows computer screen. The first reason for this error may be because a fault is found in the system partition . It may be that a sector is in poor condition or that it is simply not configured as expected.

So, if you decide to download and install Windows 10 from 0  and on your computer and this error could appear without prior notice and ruin everything. The second reason may be that when the decimal symbols were made in the system, a bad configuration was made and as it turns out, we see this error.

The software on your computer may present problems if it is third-party software and if it uses a language other than English.

How to fix error code 0x80070057 in Windows 10 easily?

Whatever the case or reason why this error occurs on your Windows computer, the truth is that solving it is not as difficult as it seems at first.

When the partition encounters a fault

As said previously, this error is shown when you try to install Windows on your computer, it can be “complicated” to deal with because the immediate solution is to format.

Despite this, we will show you a very simple way to carry out the procedure. The first thing you should do is access the “Command Prompt” by simultaneously pressing “Shift + 10”.

When you do this, the tab corresponding to this will open, there you must write “Diskpart” and then select “Enter” to continue. Then you must run a “List disk”, watch very well how you carry out this part of the process as it is very important.

Check which partition is the one with the fault, in detail see if the size matches accordingly or not. For example, if in this case the partition is identified with the number “0” you should select “Disk 0”.

Continue the process by typing the command “Clean” and selecting “Enter.” After doing this you can start with the creation of the partition where we hope to install the new Windows.

Now you can execute the command “create partition primary size = 500000”, then proceed to write “List partition” to select the boot partition where the Windows you install will be placed.

Once the partition is selected, complete the process activating what you just did by clicking on “Active”. We will proceed to format the computer in NTFS or format fs = ntfs quick. Once this is done, what remains is to exit the Diskpart selected “Exit” doing the same in the Command Prompt.

You will only have to update or refresh the Windows installation screen using “F5” and thus you will see the results made in the partitions.

When there is a bad configuration in the decimal symbols

Although this is not very common, the truth is that it can happen and be shown with this type of errors. So to solve this problem, a change or adjustment must be made in the decimal symbols to put everything in order again.

To start this adjustment process you must open the “Control Panel” and go to the “Clock” section of your computer. Select the  “Language” option and then the “Region” option .

Proceed to select the respective formats window and then go to the “Additional Settings” menu. While there you can make the changes you want to the decimal symbol and when finished you will have to save the changes by pressing “OK” twice. If you want to remove the BIOS password in Windows 10 you can enter this article where we will teach you how to do it.

That will be all you have to do, of course, so that you can notice the adjustments you made in the decimal symbols you will have to restart your computer.


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