How to fix error 39 in Valorant

Error 39 is one of the many annoying errors players can face when logging into the Riot servers when launching Valorant. Let’s take a look at what exactly this annoying error 39 is and how you can try to fix it to get back to Valorant.

How to fix error 39 in Valorant

You may encounter error 39 when launching the Riot Game client and trying to log in, or you may even encounter it even mid-game, which is the most annoying time it appears.

The main cause of this error is server connectivity, so a message is displayed even when the error is displayed. The message on the screen is that the game client encountered a connectivity error. Therefore, sometimes the Riot servers are down or under maintenance and the game displays this error.

Now that we know the cause of error 39, let’s try to fix and fix it.

How to fix error 39
As mentioned above, the error is basically due to poor server connectivity or server maintenance. You can try to follow several things to overcome this error:

Try restarting the Riot client for Valorant, it might fix the problem. If you still see the same error message, first check your internet connection and if the error persists, try restarting your router and PC as well, just make sure your still seeing error 39, this is an issue on the part of Riot and on at this point you can submit a support ticket directly to Riot. You can also try reinstalling the entire game, but this is a last resort, as the rest of the fixes will likely work.

After following the steps mentioned above, I am pretty sure that you will not face the same problem again. If you do this again, you will have to wait for the developers to fix the bug and release an update.


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