How to fix 0xc000012f bad image error in Windows 10?

If a small window has appeared on your computer announcing that the error 0xc000012fc incorrect image has been detected, don’t worry. This is much more common than you might think . Read on and find out the best solutions to this problem.

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What is it about?

The 0xc000012fc Bad Image error pops up as an alert to indicate that some programs are not running as expected. Present in any Windows, the wrong image error appears more regularly on computers running Windows 10.

It is important to clarify that this, like other common errors such as the 0x80072af9 error in Windows 10 can occur due to a wide variety of factors. From misconfiguration or program startup, to incompatible viruses or harmful applications that generate frequent errors. Even so, it is not to worry, since, whatever the cause, it has a solution and here you will find it explained in a simple way.

Best solutions to error 0xc000012fc bad image

Next, you will find a list of solutions oriented towards different causes, so that you can put an end to this annoying error.

Uninstall the latest Windows 10 update

One of the proven causes of the 0xc000012fc error is the latest corresponding update. To uninstall it you must locate the Windows key on the keyboard, pressing it will open the start bar where you will proceed to search for “Update”.

When you search, you will get the “Update and security” section as a result, you will proceed to enter it and then enter “Windows Update”. After entering the updates, you will be able to see an update history. You will click on it to enter. In this tab you will be able to see the “Uninstall updates” section and uninstall the most recent one.

Visual C ++ Visual

Another solution that usually ends with the error 0xc000012fc incorrect image, is easy and consists of simple steps. Press the Windows key in conjunction with the command + R. You will get a view of a control panel, type in the “appwiz.cpl” and enter.

In the next window you will have “Windows Features”. Once in it you will position yourself in the left panel and, locating the Visual C ++ verification, you will proceed to deactivate it . After clicking on accept, you will be sent to the previous box, where you will reinstall the deactivated option.

Running sfc / sacnnow

If after trying the previous ones, the problem persists, this form may mean the definitive solution to the errors. For it you must: Open the search bar by pressing the Windows key located on your keyboard . In it you will write “Command Prompt”. You will get exactly what has been searched previously and you will press right click on it.

A small settings bar will appear, where you will select ” Run as administrator”. And followed by a screen of the command prompt, in it you will enter the “sfc / scannow” commands and proceed to enter. A system verification process will begin, don’t worry, it’s totally normal and will end with the persistent error. Once the process is finished, restart the system and make sure it has worked.

New updates

If you keep crashing with the error 0xc000012fc bad image, don’t despair, updating the system is another way to fix faults. This will add new settings and eliminate root problems . Follow the next steps:

Open the search bar by clicking on the Windows key from your keyboard. In it, write “Update settings.” The previously located tab will appear. Once in it, you will enter the “Windows Updates” to search for updates.

Once found and installed, restart your PC to make sure the errors are gone. This process can also help you end update errors such as error 0x800705b4 or error 0x800f0923 , all typical of Windows 10.


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