How to Find Someone’s Email on Instagram

Today I want to share with you a little trick that could be useful to you, especially if, like me, you are often looking for new professional contacts on Instagram. The question I often get asked is: How to find out the email address of an Instagram profile? ” Well, it still seems to be a problem for many. So here I am, with a quick and easy guide on how to collect email addresses from Instagram.

How to Find Someone’s Email on Instagram; Methods to discover the email address of an Instagram profile in a short time.

How to Find Someone's Email on Instagram

We have collected 5 methods that will help you find a person’s email address on Instagram in just a few seconds. Let’s see what they are.

1. Visit your Instagram Profile from your Mobile Device

Let’s start with a common mistake: using Instagram on desktop. I assure you that you will not find the email there. On mobile, finding an Instagram email is a breeze. Simply go to the Instagram app , for Android or iOS , search for the profile you want to contact, locate the ‘ email address ‘ button in their bio, tap on it and select your favorite email app to reveal their professional email address.

2. Find Instagram Emails in Bulk with Modash

If, like me, you are dealing with dozens or even hundreds of contacts, there is a more efficient way. Modash is a fantastic tool for finding influencers and, consequently, their Instagram email addresses. You can try it for free . Create or import a list of Instagram profiles, then you can get email addresses one by one or export them all at once. This works best if you’re looking for influencer email addresses.

3. Use a customizable Instagram Finder like PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster is an excellent choice for finding Instagram email addresses. It offers clear tutorials on how to set up their integrations to get data from sites like Instagram.

4. Research other platforms

Here are other searches you can do:

  • Many influencers include links to other accounts using tools like Linktree . Thanks to a recent Instagram update, Business profiles can now share more links in their bio.
  • Use an influencer marketing tool like Click Analytic : You can use the Account Analytic feature on platforms like for free to identify profiles of the same influencer across different platforms. It is an easy and automated way that can save you a lot of time.
  • Do a simple Google search using your Instagram username (e.g. @informareait) – a Google search can provide valuable results.
  • Start a direct search on the desired platform using the influencer’s well-known name .

5. Ask the person concerned directly

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. If you can’t find the email anywhere, try asking the person directly . Leave comments on his post or send direct messages, remembering to be concise and never intrusive.


While Instagram may not provide a straightforward method to access someone’s email address, these techniques allow you to uncover contact information and bridge the communication gap.

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