How to expand the RAM

Do you have a PC from a few years ago that still works pretty well but gets slow, for example, when you try to run multiple programs at the same time? Well, know that you can try to speed it up by spending relatively little money and relying solely on your own strength. In fact, if you find yourself in a situation like the one described above, it is advisable to at least try to carry out an operation that can be completed without too many problems even by yourself.

I am clearly referring to the question of RAM: we therefore refer to the memory in which all the data of the processes performed on the PC are temporarily stored. You understand, therefore, that by increasing the latter, you can optimize the performance of the system. Don’t worry if you haven’t understood much: in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to expand the RAM inside your computer without calling a technician. I know it may seem like something quite complex to do, but I assure you that you too will be amazed by the ease of the operation.

So if you are actually interested in the matter, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time to devote to reading the instructions below, to position yourself comfortably in front of your computer and to strictly follow my instructions. Of course, you will also need to locate and purchase additional RAM for your computer. In any case, it is nothing too complicated and below you can find information in this regard too. So I just have to wish you good reading!


  • Preliminary operations
  • How to expand the RAM of the PC
    • How to expand the RAM of the Windows PC
    • How to expand the RAM of the Mac
    • How to expand your PC’s RAM for free
  • How to expand your phone’s RAM
    • How to expand the RAM of the Samsung phone
    • How to expand the RAM of the Xiaomi phone
    • How to expand the RAM of OPPO / OnePlus / Realme phone

Preliminary operations

Before getting to the heart of the guide and discovering how to expand the RAM , I think it is right to deepen those preliminary operations that are generally performed before carrying out this operation.

You need to know that you need to choose the right type of RAM for your PC. In case you don’t know, I’ll make it short: there is no single type of RAM and you only need to look for additional banks of the same type as those already present in your PC. Also, I recommend using RAM banks that operate on the same frequency as the ones already mounted (otherwise the system will use the lower frequency).

Net of this, there is also the question of compatibility with the motherboard . In this regard, you can check the compatibility of a certain type of memory with the motherboard of your computer by carrying out a quick Google search , reading the manual of the motherboard itself or using online services such as the Crucial Advisor tool portal , in which generally enough select the model of your pre-assembled PC to immediately have a list of compatible RAMs available or use a special program to scan the PC components and then proceed with the purchase of the right components.

This last possibility is the one that can be most useful if you are a novice user. In this regard, one of the most popular tools among enthusiasts is that of Crucial , a brand that is particularly popular in the PC field. You will forgive me if I direct you to a specific brand: it is not a sponsorship , but simply the services offered by the company are very simple to use and contextualized even for the Italian market , an aspect that, as you can well understand, should not be underestimated and can actually allow you to do everything as quickly as possible and without possible “errors”.

Having said that, to scan the system using the tool, just connect to the official Crucial website , check the I accept the terms and conditions box (of course, read everything) and click the Start your scan button. free . In this way, you will get the CrucialITScan.exe file : start it, press the Yes button and open the result with a browser (for example, Chrome) from the Windows menu that appears on the screen.

This will open a browser tab that will show you a score related to the performance of your PC, showing you the RAM banks compatible with your configuration . If this does not happen on Windows, try right-clicking on the .exe file obtained above, then pressing the Run as administrator option and pressing the Yes button .

In any case, once the appropriate page appears on the screen, you will also find indications relating to the SSDs that you can add. On the other hand, since your goal is to optimize the performance of the PC, you may want to make this “upgrade” in terms of storage, perhaps following my tutorial on how to replace the hard disk with an SSD . For the rest, Crucial’s system scanning program also works on Mac (you can find the appropriate information on the portal indicated above).

For the rest, of course, as a “long-time” enthusiast would advise you, you can go beyond “simplified” systems such as the one I have just indicated (how times have changed, today everything is much more immediate). For example, if you are using a Windows PC, desktop or laptop, you can find out what type of RAM is mounted on your computer by using the well-known free CPU-Z program , which does not even need installations to work.

To use it, connect to the official CPU-Z portal and press the ZIP • English button on the left, then clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW button (possibly “skipping” the advertisements that appear on the screen). When the download is complete, extract the ZIP file obtained in the location you prefer on your computer and start the cpuz_ [version] .exe file , pressing the Yes button to continue.

At this point, the CPU-Z window will appear on the screen : therefore move to the Memory tab and take a look at the Type indication , which you find at the top left. The latter refers to the type of memory on your PC (for example, DDR5, DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, SDRAM, and so on). In correspondence with the item DRAM Frequency you will find specified the frequency of the RAM in use.

The latter is another important data, as there are RAM of the same type but with different frequencies . On your PC, you can also mount memory banks that do not have the same frequency, but be aware that this way the system will always use the lower frequency. For this reason I recommend that you buy RAM of the same type and with the same frequency .

As far as the world of Mac is concerned , you can find out what type of RAM is mounted and therefore which one you can buy to expand it, using a program such as Mactracker , a free application that provides detailed technical specifications for each model. Mac and all other Apple products produced by the company to date.

The section you need to take a look at in this case is Memory and Graphics : in fact, in correspondence with the Maximum Memory and Memory Slots items you will find indicated, respectively, the maximum amount of RAM supported and the type .

For more details, I suggest you consult my tutorials on how to know how much RAM your PC supports , in order to also understand the question of the available slots (which are clearly “limited). Perfect, now you know the methods to understand which type of RAM you need to try to optimize the performance of your trusted device.

In any case, clearly for Macs the issue is more “tangled” than for Windows PCs. In fact, with the exception of some models of Mac mini , iMac and Mac Pro , now all fixed and portable Macs have the RAM soldered on the motherboard (or even included in the chipset, for Macs with Apple Silicon M1, M2 and similar chips) and therefore not expandable .

For the rest, now that you are aware of a bit of all the relevant issues, it is time to buy the new RAM to install on your computer. If you want some advice, you can rely on a search on popular online stores such as Amazon , since the latter are generally well supplied with regard to RAM banks (starting from the Amazon main page , just go to the Electronics> All in computers and accessories> Components and spare parts> Internal components> Memories , alternatively you can connect directly to the Memories section of Amazon ).

Remember that it is important to look for RAM banks of the same type as those already present on your PC (DDR5, DDR4, DDR3 or similar), as well as with the same frequency as those already available to you. Furthermore, the compatibility of the RAM with the computer motherboard must be checked , as already explained. In any case, following the instructions I have previously provided you should not have problems making the purchase in an informed way. In any case, for further information you can consult my guide on which RAM to buy , in which I went further into the details of the possibilities offered by the market in this regard.

How to expand the RAM of the PC

After having given you the right preliminary indications to allow you to better understand your needs, I would say that it is time to take action and actually explain how to expand your PC’s RAM .

Whether you are wondering, for example, how to expand the RAM of your Windows 10 PC or that has another OS, below you will find some indications that are right for you. In fact, I’m about to consider the “classic” procedure for computers and Macs , as well as a further possibility for Windows.

How to expand the RAM of the Windows PC

Can’t wait to find out how to expand Windows PC RAM ? Don’t worry, the procedure to follow is very simple.

Well, now that you have the new or new RAM banks that I explained to you how to choose in the preliminary chapter , the time has come to turn off the computer , also disconnecting from the power socket and removing all the various and any connected devices. . If it is a notebook with a removable battery, remove that as well.

At this point, take your trusty screwdriver and unscrew all the screws on the sides of your PC case (in some cases, certain computer cases simplify the procedure by allowing you to unscrew the screws even simply “by hand). When you are done , remove the side panels and locate the free motherboard slots in which to insert the RAM , there should be at least one right next to the bank of RAM already installed in the computer.

To install the new memory module, all you have to do is place it in the free slot next to the existing RAM bank, obviously paying attention to do everything in the correct direction , and exert a slight pressure . Generally you should hear a click and notice that the two plastic tabs on the sides now adhere perfectly to the RAM bank, fixing it in its position: this means that the operation was successful.

Really, that’s all : as you have seen, the “legends” around the alleged difficulty of this type of operation are, in fact, legends. To be clear, even if you want to replace the original RAM module with the new one purchased, the procedure is the same. You just have to loosen the tabs from the memory bank installed in the PC, remove the latter and replace it with the new memory.

For the rest, you just have to close the case and turn on the computer . If everything has been done correctly, the system will boot and you will be able to take advantage of the new amount of RAM at your disposal. You can check this both by the methods I indicated earlier in the course of this tutorial and by the methods in my guide on how to see PC RAM . In short, although there are several variables involved, as you can see, it is generally very simple in the desktop PC field (the most “complicated” question is perhaps the initial choice of compatible desks, but nowadays even that is became child’s play by passing through “automatic” systems).

As for the method to understand how to expand the RAM of a laptop , the question becomes a little more complex. In fact, although the procedure to be carried out is essentially the same as that seen above for desktop computers, each laptop has a different arrangement with regard to the memory modules and, often, to find the housing it is necessary to disassemble several internal components . In other cases, however, just unscrew a special door on the back of the notebook.

In short, a lot depends on the type of laptop at your disposal. For this reason, I cannot go into further detail with my indications. What I can do, however, is to direct you to some sources that can allow you to better understand how to disassemble your notebook and “reach” the RAM banks. In this context, I suggest you find the user manual of the model at your disposal, which should contain all the necessary indications to understand which steps to take to expand the RAM. If you do not have the paper user manual of your laptop available, you can search for it on Google by trying to type laptop name user manual (obviously replacing alaptop name the name of your laptop).

In case of problems, remember that you can check the status of everything by following, for example, my tutorial related to programs designed to test RAM .

How to expand the RAM of the Mac

How do you say? Do you own a Mac and would like to expand the RAM? I am ready to provide you with all the necessary information, in addition of course to those already present in the preliminary chapter .

Since on Macs with Apple Silicon chips, RAM is integrated directly into the chip , I recommend that you only work on MACs with Intel chips. If you have a Mac with an Intel chip available, the procedure to be put in place to install the purchased RAM for your computer is in some ways even simpler than that for Windows PCs.

Once the Mac is turned off , disconnected from the electricity and removed all the various and any connected devices , just take the right screwdriver (i.e. Philips type ) and unscrew and extract the panel located under or behind the screen.


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Keep in mind that for some Macs it is enough to press a button to open the panel, rather than having to unscrew it. In any case, then you have to unroll or spread the plastic tab or the lever in the compartment and insert the new RAM bank (s) by gently pushing them until you hear a click .

If, on the other hand, you need to replace the memory modules already in use , gently pull the tabs in the various slots to extract the installed RAM and perform the change . Clearly remember to insert the new RAM in the same direction it was inserted on the previously in use. In either case, when you’re done, fold the tabs on the memory modules back and close the access door .

You shouldn’t have too many problems doing this, but in general you might want to take a look at the official guidelines related to iMacs , as well as the official indications related to the MacBook Pro , in order to better inform yourself about everything. Among other things, there is also official information related to Mac mini and Mac Pro , in case you are interested in that type of products.

Once the RAM is installed, there is nothing left to do but turn on the Mac and check that everything went well. To make sure the new memory has been recognized, you can follow my tutorial on how to view Mac memory .

How to expand your PC’s RAM for free

Does your Windows PC have all slots occupied or are you not planning on expanding RAM via physical banks ? Do you want to find out how to expand your PC RAM for free ? I may have something for you.

In fact, you should know that there is a method to “virtually” increase the RAM , without even having to “remove” the doors of the PC. I refer to the paging file : in other words, it refers to a system that is exploited by the Microsoft OS to try to optimize performance when the physical RAM installed on the PC is “loaded with work “.

I made it as simple as possible (enthusiasts will forgive me for this), but the basic concept is precisely to find a way to ” go beyond” the “hardware limits” of the computer . Already this should make you understand the fact that you are not really increasing the RAM, even if, for simplicity, the world of the Web has now associated this method to the expansion of memory in a free and “virtual” way. To be clear, a paging file is nothing more than a hard disk space that is used by Windows as if it were RAM.

In any case, probably many do not care how this method is indicated, since what matters is the final result . In this context, be careful: changing the size of the paging file cannot work miracles and it is always advisable to really expand the RAM in the “classic” way. However, it is undeniable that in certain contexts, whether it is carrying out several actions at the same time using a slightly “dated” PC or wanting to optimize specific operations related to mining , the procedure I am about to illustrate can be useful.

Attention, however, Windows basically manages the paging file autonomously . This means that your computer may already be configured properly in this regard, which is why changing the size is only recommended for experienced users , who are well acquainted with the world of computers and have therefore understood what they are doing.

For this reason, that is to let only those who have understood the situation proceed, here I will simply show you where to find the option relating to the paging file for what concerns the most recent versions of Microsoft’s operating system, that is Windows 11 and Windows 10 .

Well, to access the right screen, simply click on the Start button , type “control panel” and press on the result that appears in the list. At this point, search in the Control Panel, using the appropriate search bar , for “advanced system settings” , then clicking on the link View advanced settings / Advanced system settings .

Next, click on the Settings button , located in the Performance section of the window that appears on the screen. At this point, move to the Advanced tab , present at the top, then pressing the Change button .

Perfect, now if you are an expert (I had advised to proceed only in that case), you will know how to proceed. To be clear, once the tick from the option Automatically manage paging file sizes for all units has been removed , you can manage all the options of the case using the Custom dimensions section , finally pressing the Set button and the OK button to apply the changes. . You will also be prompted to restart your computer .

For the rest, in this case obviously you will not see any increase in RAM in the indications of the PC characteristics, as “the increase is virtual”, but in the right contexts you may notice optimized performance . In short, as already explained, this is not a method that is really able to replace the physical banks of RAM, but it was right to provide you with information on this possibility as well, which could actually be intriguing.

In any case, for more guidance, you might want to take a look at my guide on how to increase PC RAM on Windows 10 . In addition to this, you may also want to take a look at my tutorials on how to dedicate more RAM to a game and how to dedicate the RAM to the video card , in order to delve into the subject almost in its entirety.

How to expand your phone’s RAM

Have you heard that it is also possible to expand the RAM for smartphones? They didn’t lie to you: I’ll tell you right away what is referenced and how to expand your phone’s RAM .

Well, over the last few years some of the leading manufacturers of Android mobile devices have added a feature that uses storage to “virtually” expand RAM . This solution becomes very interesting for cheaper devices, which can count on a reduced amount of RAM memory.

This internal memory swap technique allows you to obtain additional virtual RAM, which is added to the physical one and is used when the physical RAM is full.

Before continuing, however, I immediately want to clarify that, even if your smartphone was equipped with fast enough memories, of the UFS type , this virtual RAM will never reach the speed of physical RAM, so don’t expect great performance. This is simply a help, which might come in handy on devices that don’t have that much RAM.

In the next paragraphs I will show you how to enable it on smartphones of the main Android brands .

How to expand the RAM of the Samsung phone

You have a fairly recent Samsung smartphone , but despite this when you bought it you didn’t pay much attention to the RAM memory it had and now you have realized that it often closes the apps that run in the background too quickly, forcing you to have to reopen them every time.

You should know that on Samsung smartphones it is possible to enable the RAM Plus function , which allows you to “steal” part of the smartphone’s internal memory, which will be used as additional RAM memory.

How do you say? Would you like to understand how to expand the RAM of the Samsung phone ? To enable this function, simply open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear, and go to Device and battery assistance> Memory : once you arrive in this section, tap on the RAM Plus item . In this section you can decide the amount of virtual RAM to add to the physical one, choosing between the values ​​2 GB , 4 GB or 6 GB . Once you have selected the quantity you prefer, I recommend that you restart your smartphone .

How to expand the RAM of the Xiaomi phone

Your Xiaomi smartphone is quite cheap and the amount of RAM it is equipped with is rather small. This means that the smartphone cannot keep many apps in memory, resulting in slowness in the management of the most demanding tasks. Would you like to understand how to expand the RAM of the Xiaomi phone ?

Even on the most recent Xiaomi smartphones it is possible to enable the possibility of adding a virtual RAM, which will help the physical RAM when needed.

To enable this function, simply open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear and go to Additional Settings> Memory extension : set the activation lever of the homonymous item to ON . In this case you will not be able to decide the amount of virtual RAM to add to the physical one, as on Samsung, but the system will automatically add additional RAM depending on your model.

For example, if your smartphone has 4GB of RAM, an additional 1GB will be added, if it has 6GB of RAM, an additional 2GB will be added, while if it has 8GB of RAM an additional 3GB will be added. Once this feature is enabled, I recommend that you restart your smartphone .

How to expand the RAM of OPPO / OnePlus / Realme phone

You have an OPPO , OnePlus or Realme smartphone and, although it already has a good amount of RAM memory, you are never full, and you would like to know if there is a way to increase it further.

No problem, you should know that even in OPPO, OnePlus and Realme smartphones it is possible to add virtual RAM. To do this, open the Settings app and go to Device Information> RAM : set the activation lever of the RAM expansion item to ON and then move the slider to decide the amount of virtual RAM you want, choosing between 2 GB , 3 GB or 5 GB . Once this feature is enabled, I recommend that you restart your smartphone .


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