How to erase all the data from your Android TV

Do you want to delete all the data from your Android TV to make it look like new? As with a mobile phone or tablet , there is a way to completely format the device, which is called “reset” : we explain how to do it from the system settings. Of course, remember that you will lose everything that has not been synchronized with the cloud.

It is not advisable to erase an Android TV device from time to time since, due to its use, it does not usually accumulate too much useless software, but it will be essential to format it in case you want to sell it to someone else ; or if it has stopped working properly and you can’t find any other way to fix the problems other than to factory reset your Android TV. It’s not complicated, let’s see how to do it.

Factory reset your Android TV by deleting everything you save

Resetting a device involves applying a “format” or deletion of all user data , both system and app settings; apart from the applications themselves, which also disappear. Therefore, the moment you reset your Android TV, you will be left with the TV or player as it came out of the factory. The only thing that is not deleted is the external storage: if you have an SD and / or USB connected these will not be erased.


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Deleting all the content from an Android TV involves digging into the system settings until you find the “Recover” option. Through there the entire device can be erased, always assuming the complete loss of all saved data . Keep this in mind before proceeding.

Let’s see step by step how to completely erase an Android TV:

  • Access your Android TV settings: navigate to the top of the menus and display your account options.
  • Go to ‘Device Preferences’.
  • Enter ‘Recover’. The message may vary with ‘Reset’.
  • Click on ‘Recover’ and confirm the deletion with ‘Delete all’.

With the process, the apps, their data, the system configurations and everything that you have downloaded to the gallery are eliminated. Your Google account information is not deleted

Once the process is finished, which can take a couple of minutes, you will have your Android TV completely clean and ready to configure it from scratch . You just have to register it with your Google account by following the process that will appear on your TV screen, once the device starts up again.

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