How to enter Tinder for free

Are you looking for your ideal partner or just meeting interesting people? Learning how to get into Tinder for free can be the first step.

In these times of pandemic, meeting someone at a nightclub or pub has become a bit more complicated. And the applications to find a partner, among which Tinder stands out as the most popular, have become a very interesting alternative to meet people. For this reason, many people in recent years have wondered how to enter Tinder for free to try to find someone special.

The great news is that, in principle, Tinder is a totally free application . It is true that it has payment plans that offer you additional advantages, but it is not essential to use them to enjoy the app. It is perfectly possible to meet people using the free plan.

Therefore, to enter Tinder for free you only need to create your profile and log in following the steps that we are going to explain below.


If you wonder how to log into Tinder from your mobile , the first step to follow is to download the application. Once you have it on your smartphone, you will have two options to start your session and create your profile if you don’t already have it: through your phone number or through Facebook.

On the screen that you will find when you open Tinder you will find two buttons to log into the network. If you press the option Log in with Facebook and you have Facebook open on your mobile, you will only have to accept on the screen that will appear and you will have the session started. If you don’t want to link your Tinder profile to the social network, press Sign in with the phone number. You will have to enter your number and you will receive an SMS with a code. Enter this code in Tinder and you can log in.


If you wonder how to log into Tinder for free from your computer , you will like to know that the process is very similar to the one we have already explained for mobile. You will simply have to enter the web version of the application and click on Login. Below you will find the same buttons to log in with Facebook or with the phone number that we find in the mobile version. We will have to click on the one we want to choose our method to log into the social network. Once we are inside, the process to use the app is exactly the same as on the mobile, so you will not find substantial changes.


If you are wondering what requirements I need to log into Tinder , in principle these are very simple. You will simply need a Facebook account or an available phone number. You can choose either of these two options to log in as we have explained.

Of course, it is also necessary that you meet the necessary characteristics to comply with the terms and conditions of use of the application. The main requirement is that you are over 18 years old , since the application is intended only for adults. It is also important that you use your real identity, otherwise the platform could ban you. If you do not comply with any of them, you may be able to log in, but the platform could close your account if it detects an irregularity.

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