How to enable this secret menu within your WhatsApp settings?

For a couple of years, the information has been transmitted that WhatsApp, like Messenger, has a hidden menu within the same application. Which has aroused the interest of many people. WhatsApp is currently considered the most popular program, and now it has a new hidden or secret menu that you can access

However, the news that it has a hidden menu may take you by surprise, since clearly the creators of WhatsApp have been very open with each of its functions. Including WhatsApp Web for computers .

But this should not be a cause for concern, since in this article we will explain what this small menu is about and how you can display it within your WhatsApp settings to comfortably enjoy its settings.

What is the hidden menu of WhatsApp?

This relevant topic has been communicated a varied number of times through different Internet sites, where many people try to discover how to enable it.

And what do we owe this for? Well, it turns out that this secret menu that cannot be easily accessed among WhatsApp settings is related to a very important aspect of everyday life, privacy.

A couple of years ago the developers of this application decided to implement the protection of the transmission of information within the program. Since clearly sensitive content was transferred to third parties through it.

They achieved this through end-to-end encryption , where each WhatsApp user has a protection code that is established within each chat.

Only in this way will it be possible to prevent another person from intercepting the transmission of content, ensuring that all information sent through it is fully protected.

Hidden menu function

Since we already talked about the privacy protection that WhatsApp establishes, we emphasize that this menu is directly related to this function.

Everything is possible in the sense that through these settings the possibility of verifying if the person you are speaking with is legitimate is enabled .

In other words, the function of this menu is for the user to be able to verify the authenticity of the person with whom he is speaking. To be able to entrust you with the information provided, in case it is sensitive data.

This is very useful mainly for those who use WhatsApp to work with banking transactions, purchases or sales of products and services, and other related aspects.

How to enable this secret menu within your WhatsApp settings?

If you are one of the people who practices this type of activity within the application, enabling this hidden menu may be very useful for you.

The good thing is that achieving it is really simple, and it does not consist of many steps to do it, since it only needs a series of adjustments within the system to be able to use it.

Mainly, you must ensure that your Android device is rooted , that is, that it allows a greater degree of configuration and customization by users.

In case you don’t know how to root your device, through this small guide is a detailed, simple and reliable way to do it.

Once this step is done, touch on the important part. This consists of  enabling the hidden menu within the WhatsApp settings. To do this, you just have to open the “Terminal” application that has been added by rooting to your device, and enter the following command:

  • its
  • am start -n com.whatsapp / com.whatsapp.SettingsSecurity

After carrying out this command, you only have to close and reopen the application for the changes to be shown. The new menu will be displayed in the security section and you can use it every time you need it.

Now you know how to access the new secret or hidden menu of WhatsApp. Only in this way can you enjoy the extreme security that WhatsApp has been willing to offer you. Trying not to risk your information being compromised again. What are you waiting for to catch up on the hidden WhatsApp tricks ?


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