How to enable 2FA PS4

After some accounts were stolen, you decided to learn a little better about cyber security and, above all, to be more careful about how you protect your online identities. In this regard, you have started to use secure and different passwords for each service and to manage them all with software suitable for the purpose . The next step you would like to take is to activate 2FA (Two-factor authentication) , that is, two-factor authentication , on all accounts that allow it, but you have not yet understood how to proceed in some cases, first and foremost that of the PS4 . You’ve read that it is possible to activate 2FA on the Sony console, but you just can’t find the right option to do it.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry: if you want, I can help you and explain how to enable 2FA PS4 . The operation can be completed in a very simple way, but I must make a necessary clarification before starting. In fact, the one provided by Sony for PSN accounts is two-step verification and not true two-factor authentication . What changes? I try to explain it to you briefly. Both 2FA and two-step verification require authentication on new devices / software to take place via the classic password combined with a disposable code, but the way in which the code in question is delivered to the user changes.

To simplify the matter as much as possible, the two-factor verification is safer as it provides that the receipt of the disposable code is linked to a physical device to which only the user has access (e.g. his smartphone), while the two-step verification does not link the reception of the code to a user’s device, but to a means of transmission (eg SMS) which is theoretically easier to intercept for the bad guys. That said, Sony currently only provides two-step verification, which is more secure than just using the account password, so ban the chatter and let’s get started.


  • How to enable 2FA on PS4
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  • How to enable 2FA PS4 Fortnite

How to enable 2FA on PS4

Since you are ready to take action, I would say not to get lost in chat further and see immediately how to enable 2FA on PS4 (or rather, the two-step verification). You can do this directly from the console or even from PC, smartphone and tablet. The choice is yours on how to proceed.

How to enable 2FA PS4 from PS4

If you want to act directly from the console, turn on your PlayStation 4 , log in to your user profile and make sure you are connected to the PSN with the right account. To do this, select the Settings item (the briefcase icon) located in the upper right corner of the PS4 main menu and go to Account Management> Account Information .

Checked that you are connected to the account on which to activate the two-step verification (if not, log out and log in to the PSN following the instructions on the screen and / or the guide I have dedicated to the topic), select the Security item and, if prompted, enter your PlayStation Network account username and password .

Once this is done, press OK , go to Two-step verification , press the Set now button on the screen that is proposed to you, type your mobile number in the appropriate text field (checking that the international prefix in the drop-down menu Country / Region is correct) and press the Add button .

You will receive a verification code via SMS, which you will need to type in the appropriate field displayed on the TV. Once this is done, press the Activate button and finally OK to validate your identity and activate two-step verification.

If you want to prevent your PSN account from being disconnected (for security reasons) from all devices on which you are currently logged in, uncheck the box To ensure greater security for your account, we recommend that you log out of this account on all your devices. Do you want to go out now? .

Very good: you have now activated two-step verification and, therefore, every time you log in to your PSN account on a new device, you will also be asked to type in the verification code that you will receive via SMS.

To change your preferences for this mechanism, all you have to do is go back to the Settings> Account Management> Account Information> Security> Two-Step Verification menu . From this screen you can change the telephone number for receiving codes ( Mobile phone item ) and disable the two-step verification by selecting the Status item and then the Inactive option from the drop-down menu that is proposed to you.

If you are temporarily unable to use your mobile and intend to log into your PSN account on a new device, you can use one of the backup codes that you can always find in the aforementioned PS4 menu.

For more details, I invite you to consult the official PlayStation website , on which you can find all the relevant information on two-step verification.

How to enable 2FA PS4 from PC

Do you prefer to act from the computer ? No problem. All you have to do is open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and connect to the Sony account management page . Therefore, log in to your PSN account, select the Security item from the left sidebar and press the Edit button relating to the 2-step verification item (at the bottom of the page that opened).

Then, click on the Activate and Continue buttons , type your mobile number in the appropriate text field and press the Continue button . You will receive a verification code via SMS: type it in the field provided and press the Verify and OK buttons to activate the two-step verification (you will be automatically logged out of your PSN account on all connected devices).

Mission accomplished! From now on, to access new devices / software with your PSN account, you will also be asked to enter the disposable code that will be sent to you via SMS.

To change the settings occurs in two steps, back in the section Security of Account Management Sony and press the buttons Change relating to Two-step verification or mobile phones associated with the profile.

In case of problems with access, however, always on the same screen you can find the backup codes . Furthermore, please note that by accessing the Device configuration password section you will be able to generate an exclusive password for PS3, PS Vita, PSP and some mobile phones that require a dedicated password (instead of the standard account password) the first time you log in to the PSN on of them. More info here .

How to enable 2FA PS4 from smartphones and tablets

I don’t know how convenient it can be as a solution, but I point out that you can enable two-step verification on PS4 also through the official PlayStation App available for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS .

To do this, start the application in question, press the PS button located at the bottom and select the Settings icon from the menu that opens. Once this is done, go to Account Information , log in, press the ☰ button located at the top left and touch the Security item in the menu that is proposed to you.

At this point, scroll down the new screen opened up and down, press the Edit button for the 2-step verification option , press Activate and Continue , provide your mobile number in the appropriate field and tap Continue .

You will receive a verification code via SMS: type it in the appropriate field of the PlayStation App, press Verify , then OK and you’re done! You will be automatically logged out of your PSN account on all connected devices and to access new devices / software you will also need to enter the disposable code that you will receive via SMS.

To change your two-step verification settings, you’ll need to go back to the app’s Security menu . The available options are the same as seen in the previous chapter dedicated to the computer .

How to enable 2FA PS4 Fortnite

Are you a passionate Fortnite player and have you come to this guide with the intent of finding out how to activate two-factor authentication for this title? No problem: I can help you with that too.

Check out my guide on how to enable 2FA Fortnite and you’ll find out everything there is to know on the subject. I assure you that it is a very simple procedure to complete.


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