How to educate children in the value of respect through children’s stories

Educate your child in the value of respect from a young age. It is an essential value that guarantees a peaceful coexistence and good relations with others. To teach the value of respect, the best thing is the example, but you can also help yourself with teaching tools such as stories, fables or poetry.

The story of ‘The bunnies who did not know how to respect’ is ideal to explain to children what happens when others are not respected and are hurt with some comments and criticism. Don’t miss out on this beautiful version of the story in pictures!


  1. The bunnies who did not know how to respect – Children’s story about respect
  2. Reading comprehension activities – The bunnies who did not know how to respect
  3. Stories, poems, and plays that tell children about respect
  4. Other values ​​that should be taught to children

The bunnies who did not know how to respect – Children’s story about respect

At the top of a mountain lived the rabbit Serapio and his granddaughters Serafina and Sefora. Serapio was a very good rabbit and respectful of the rest of the animals in the place, but … his beloved granddaughters were the opposite. Serafina and Sefora always made fun of the sheep, the goats and everyone who lives in the area.

Serapio had tried to change this behavior of his granddaughters, but it had been impossible. One day, ashamed and tired of the attitude of these two bunnies, Serapio decided to propose a game to them and his granddaughters, who were very naughty, restless and predisposed, were delighted to accept.

Serapio told his granddaughters that whenever they disrespect someone, they had to write in their notebook the word Excuse me .

– Who will win the game? – Serafina and Zippora asked.

To which his grandfather replied:

– The winner will be the one who writes the word Excuse fewer times in her notebook .

Serafia and Zippora took the game and went everywhere with their notebook and pencil to write down or, rather, to try not to write the word Excuse me. But the days passed and, tired of always writing the same word, the two began to talk:

– Would n’t it be better to stop making fun of people instead of writing the word ‘Excuse me’ so much ?

Serapio, who overheard the conversation, came out from behind a bush where he was hiding, congratulated his granddaughters on the decision and asked them to erase everything written in their notebooks.

The bunnies obeyed their grandfather but … they realized that, when erasing what was written, the pages of the notebook were not as before . Grandpa, seeing the reaction of surprise and sadness of his granddaughters, said:

– This is how the heart of the people we disrespect remains . Traces or wounds we inflict on them are not completely removed.

And in this way Serafina and Séfora understood that we must respect others, just as we would like them to respect us.

Reading comprehension activities – The bunnies who did not know how to respect

Recent studies, such as’ Reading comprehension and school performance: a route to improve communication ‘, carried out by Juan Gómez Palomino, from the National University of the Altiplano of Peru, explain the importance of working on reading comprehension with children, and is that’ it significantly influences the general school performance of children, so it can be stated that the higher the reading comprehension, the higher the school performance ‘.

Hence, we want to propose some  reading comprehension activities that you can do with your children after reading this beautiful story starring Serapio, Serafina and Séfora.

  1. Reading comprehension questions

– What characteristics define Serapio and the difference between Serafina and Sefora?
– What relationship unites the bunnies with Serapio?
– What is the attitude of the bunnies with the rest of the animals?
– What game does your grandfather propose?
– What do bunnies learn?

  1. Prepare a summary or draw a drawing

For children who are older, we can ask them to summarize the story or to highlight a phrase or several of it that has caught their attention; We can tell the little ones to draw a picture about this story.

  1. Establish a colloquium

This story can also help children to think and reflect ; so that they ‘confess’ to us a situation in which they have noticed that others made fun of them or, also, to remember those moments in which they have been the ones who have disrespected other colleagues.

Stories, poems, and plays that tell children about respect

Do you want your children to continue learning the value of respect in an enjoyable way? Suggest that they read these poems and stories together, and even step into the shoes of one of the characters in a play that talks about respect. Shall we start?

– El chimbel
When we talk about values ​​such as respect, it is not necessary to get serious. You can talk about it in a fun and playful way, as reflected in this short poem where a snake does not fully respect the moment of rest of its friend the snake.

– A rope mouse among mice
Respecting the decisions of others and, above all, their wishes and dreams is also very important, even if they are different from yours. Find out what happens on the Thompson family farm .

– The Giant and the Dwarf
Do not stop telling your child the story in verse of the protagonists of ‘ The Giant and the Dwarf ‘ because he will understand how two very different people can become the best friends in the world.

– A day at school
With the representation of plays, children have a great time, let their imaginations fly, start the creativity machine, lose their shame and learn values ​​and lessons for their lives. We encourage you to stage the play ‘ A day at school ‘ with them, which talks about respect.

Other values ​​that should be taught to children

Respect is the basis of any relationship that the child can maintain in his life. You must learn to respect your family, your teachers, your friends, the environment, your surroundings … Other values ​​emerge from respect that you must know such as tolerance, solidarity, empathy … Teach them or talk to them about them through these phrases.

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