How to easily rename an Excel spreadsheet

When we are organizing our documents on the computer, it is necessary to place them in folders and in specific places to find them easily on our PC . Learn how to rename an Excel spreadsheet . It is very easy to do. Keep reading and we will explain it to you.

In general, organizing the spreadsheets can be tedious for us to sort them, because we have many accumulated. That is why from the beginning it is advisable to identify them by name and look for the place where they will be located otherwise we will have to recover them if we delete them by mistake .

In particular, carrying out work in an Excel spreadsheet requires that we assign it a name with which we can easily identify the task we are carrying out. When we start using this program we will see that each sheet is identified with “Sheet 1”, “Sheet 2”, “Sheet 3” and so on. Let’s go on to tell you how to rename the spreadsheet in Excel.

Ways to rename a spreadsheet in Excel.

Excel assigns names that identify each sheet by default. However, we can customize them, edit it and place the names we want. The methods used are quite simple , so you will not have complications to make these changes. Learn the steps to follow.

Method 1 to modify the name of the worksheet

At the bottom right you will see the sheet where you are working with its respective assigned name (Sheet 1, Sheet 2…). Stand on the tab where you want to make the change and double click on it.

When you do this, you will see that it will be placed as if you had selected the name of the sheet. This will let you know that you can now write on the section the identification that you have already thought about before. Do it, hit enter and it will be finished.

Method 2 to rename the sheet in excel.

The other option to change the name is by hovering over the box and pressing the right button of the mouse or laptop that we are using. A tab will open where we will have several options for editing or action on the sheet where we do the work.

The third option from top to bottom is “Rename” . By pressing it, the sheet identification is selected and we can assign a new name to it.

You can do these two ways to change the name either when you are starting your work, or when you have finished it. In the same way, if you are not satisfied with the identification you assigned, you can edit it as many times as you want.

In addition, the Microsoft program offers us to assign a color to the tab. For this we press right click, followed by “label color” and we look for the one we like.

What characteristics cannot be present in that name?

If we leave the name blank, Excel will give us a message that says “You have entered an invalid name for a chart sheet …” So we cannot leave the section empty .

The program will not allow us to exceed 31 characters either , therefore that name should not be that long, you can accentuate words but within those characters none of these symbols / \? *: []

We must also make sure that we do not start or end with an apostrophe (‘). However, we have the option of adding it within a used word or numbers.

Lastly, the sheet cannot be called “History”, because Excel will tell you that it is a reserved name used by its internal system. But this does not matter, since we have many other options with which to identify our spreadsheet.

As you have seen, renaming an Excel spreadsheet is a really very simple task. Follow the steps that we have shown you in this tutorial to assign the identification you want to each tab.

We hope it helps you organize and do your work more efficiently when creating spreadsheets in Excel . Share this article with your friends and leave us your comment on what you think about the information


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