How to create a timeline in Excel

Being true to the title of this article, «Create a timeline in Excel quickly and easily , so we have prepared and compiled these 2 easy-to-do options, with amazing results and a very professional style. I hope you enjoy reading and understanding the options we offer you.

There are many websites about timelines in Excel, but most of them are long and tedious steps. Before getting into the subject, we will see how useful are timelines?

Time lines

It allows us to order a sequence of events or facts on a given topic, using a chronological axis . In such a way that it facilitates the clear visualization of the elements in relation to synchrony in time.

To elaborate it, the initial and final events and dates must be identified. Making it clear that there will always be a starting point and an ending point, highlighting relevant data in an organized way for our work.

In the date, it is imperative to define the units of measurement of time , if we are going to work based on centuries, decades, years, month, etc. And establish the kind of data to focus on for each date such as: characters, events, places, etc. With this in mind, it will be more understandable to organize and capture the data of our timeline in Excel.

Option 1 to create the timeline in Excel

  • Open the Excel program or on your Android mobile .
  • In the upper menu we activate the “Insert” tab
  • In the “Illustrations” section , we click on the “SmartArt” button (This function allows you to include graphics to communicate visual information, such as timelines).
  • A box will appear called “Choose a SmartArt graphic”, we select the “process” item in the column on the left side.
  • Below we can see a series of diagrams of timelines, you can choose the one you prefer, according to your needs and click on the “OK” button.
  • The line of work will then be displayed in our worksheet. Up to this point we have more than half of the way covered ..!
  • We write the text in the area where it says “Text”, we configure and adjust it . If it is not possible, we can touch one of the arrows that are located on the edge adhered to the graphic box, and a box will emerge that will make it easier for us to write on each label. In each one you can place dates accompanied by the corresponding event or news.
  • To improve aesthetics, we activate the “Design” or “Design” tab in the top menu of the program. In the section ” SmartArt Styles ” we touch the option “Change colors”, in which we visualize a window with alternative color combinations, we choose the one we like.
  • In “Quick Styles” we can choose the 2D or 3D format that suits our needs.
  • While in the work area, we have the option to move and modify the size of the template by pulling the ends of the frame. And ready..! You will have a professional timeline.

Option 2

  • This method is even easier. There are websites on the internet that have free downloadable templates or timeline formats for Excel! You can download a vertical template.
  • By pressing the “Download” button . We open the template.
  • We observe the diagram made and next to it it includes a list previously filled with data for defects in columns and rows as information of the graph. And I attach advertising of the page where the format was downloaded. We suggest selecting the entire ad and deleting it.
  • And we began to modify the different labels of the timeline and the list according to our convenience.

As you can see, both methods are very simple with very fast procedures. You can also try creating a timeline in Word or if your strength is Power Point you can take advantage of it . Even with practice it will allow us to develop more complex and personalized parameters with professional finishes. We hope you make the most of these resources. If you know of other easy alternatives you can write to us.


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