How to download videos from Twitter on Android, iOS and PC

Downloading videos from Twitter is not a native feature of the social network. However, it is possible to save video files easily with free online tools. There is no need to download any programs. Check out!

How to download videos from Twitter online

The tip below works both for downloading Twitter video from your computer and your smartphone. However, on the cell phone, it is necessary to access the social network page through the browser to copy the desired file link. If you want to use the app only, skip to the next step in our article to check out options for you.

Our suggestion is the Download Videos from Twitter tool, created exclusively with this functionality. It offers the options to download the video in formats, MP3 (audio), MP4 (video) and MP4 HD (high quality video). Check out the step by step below:

  1. Open the browser of your choice on your computer or mobile phone and access the Twitter page. When you find the video you want to download, tap on the icon and an up arrow on the computer and share on the smartphone;
  2. In the menu that opens, tap on the option Copy link to Tweet;
  3. In another browser tab, access the Download Twitter Videos website . In the highlighted search bar, paste the link of the copied video on the Twitter page. Then, go to Download;
  4. Next, choose which quality to download the MP4 file in;
  5. You will be redirected to a new window, with a player. Touch the three dots icon and, in the menu that opens, go to Download;
  6. Wait for the download. The download time depends on the file size and the quality of the connection.

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Apps to download on smartphone

While the Download Videos from Twitter page works normally in the web version of the social network, the same cannot be said about the platform application. There are, however, apps that can assist users on both Android and iOS.


Twitter fleets : how to use a function that resembles Instagram Stories

Even with the limitations between the iOS system and other services – which has already caused many video download tools to stop working – it is still possible to find some apps that help with the task. This is the case with Shortcuts .

With just 4 steps, the user can save a video from Twitter or YouTube. For that, it is necessary to access the app’s website and download the Twitter Video Download stream So, just access the tweet with the desired video, click on the share icon and choose to share on Shortcuts.

Check out the step by step on how to use Shortcuts .


How to download GIF from Twitter on Android, iPhone and PC

Through the Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter , it is possible to download the video through Twitter itself. With the app installed, simply access the timeline on the social network. When viewing a video you want to download, click Share. In the sharing options, several applications will appear, including Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter.

Choose to share using the app and the download option will appear (see photo above). Although it requires the installation of an application, after its installation, the option to download this way will always be available.


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