How to download and install a free FNMT digital certificate

Would you like to have a digital certificate from the FNMT but don’t know how to download it? Don’t worry, in this article we will show you how to do it for free.

What is the FNMT digital certificate?

It is a way of guaranteeing your identity on the internet. Staying anonymous on the Internet is a way to stay protected, however, this security measure makes you need to make use of the FNMT certificate that identifies you. But how to install and export a digital certificate in Windows 10 ?

This FNMT certificate refers to a digital document with which you can identify yourself on the Internet. It contains information with your personal identification data authenticated by an official body. It also allows you to have your electronic signature of documents and ensures the identity of a person. And in case you are going to use it on another computer, you must learn to export a digital certificate to a USB flash drive to import to another computer.

How to download and install a digital certificate from the FNMT?

Doing this process requires a corresponding order that we will show you below.

Step 1: Prior Considerations

The first step is to make a series of configurations, or keep certain things in mind about your browser and computer. What’s more, you cannot format the device between the certificate process and its download, since everything must be done from the same computer with the same user and browser.

In addition, you will not be able to make updates on your computer during this process and request the code as soon as possible from the accreditation.

Step 2: Browser Settings

It is important to use a compatible browser, so it is necessary that you use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, although not all versions are compatible. If you are going to use Internet Explorer, you will need to install the FNML automatic configurator . It is also important that you keep the browser you are going to use closed and that you run it with administrator permissions.

Thanks to this, this process automatically installs all the certificates of the Certification Authorities and also makes the modifications in the Windows registry to configure the browser’s security options.

If you will use Firefox then you must install the Self- Signature application with administrator permissions. If you are going to use Proxy to connect to the internet then you must configure it in the AutoSignature application, so you must go to Tools> Preferences> Network Configuration> Configure Proxy.

Step 3: Prove Identity

Now that you have completed all the previous steps, it is time for you to personally go to a Registry Office to prove your own identity. And if you cannot go, then you must give permission to a third person to do this process on your behalf before a notary .

You must go to one of the offices with the application code that was sent to you by mail, along with the National Identity Document (DNI), passport or driver’s license. If you are a foreigner , then you must attach the official NIF / NIE grant document along with the passport.

Step 4: Download the FNMT certificate

It is necessary that you use the same computer, the same browser and the same user with whom you made the request and you must enter exactly the same data that you had already provided before.

Now you must indicate the identification document number, your first surname and the application code. With this, you can click on Download certificate and it will automatically download and install.

To check that the certificates have been downloaded correctly in Internet Explorer, you must go to the menu option Tools> Internet Options> Content> Certificates and in Person see if the certificate is installed.

You must click on the View option and in the General section you will see the icon of a key next to the text You have a private key corresponding to this certificate.

Now in Trusted Root Certification Authorities and among trusted entities, you will see the AC RAIZ FNMT-RCM or FNMT Class 2 CA certificate.

It is important that you make a backup copy of your FNMT certificate in some external storage.

To do this you must export them from the Tools menu option> Internet Options> Content> Certificates> Export for Internet Explorer or from Tools> Options> Privacy and security> Certificates> View certificates, select the FNMT certificate and make a copy if you use Mozilla Firefox. But in case you don’t have it downloaded you can download and install Mozilla Firefox for free


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