How to make an electronic invoice valid for all Europe

Currently, the business world is managed through assets and liabilities , which are constantly moving in order to maintain an economy at different levels.

This, makes that worldwide, a record of all these numbers is maintained, in order to legally demonstrate where the money that is earned comes from and where it goes.

It is, basically, a way of maintaining transparency with the government to demonstrate that all the assets that are owned are completely legitimate and legal, and often, based on these, is that the annual taxes of each country will be paid.

These taxes usually change depending on the country and the time of year, because there are some countries where you do not have to pay taxes on a mandatory basis. Therefore, it is never too much to be informed about the situation, whether you are an immigrant or a local in the region where you are, and thus be able to avoid fines to prison time.

But putting aside the issue of taxes, with every expense or income you have, be it a purchase or a sale you make, it is always a pretty smart thing to be able to keep track of this.

And the best way to do it, legally, is with an invoice, since when we have to be able to account for our expenses, a legal invoice is always the best option in these cases.

However, these invoices tend to change enormously in their format and data depending on the region, which is a problem that Europe wanted to solve a few years ago.

At the end of the day, the best option that was had was to be able to unify the valid invoice format throughout the European continent, so below we will show you how to make an electronic invoice that can be legal and valid throughout Europe.

Invoice Format

The invoice formats in the world can vary greatly, and that can be a problem if you do not have the necessary knowledge in maintaining accounts.

But, this is not a problem in Europe, as there is only one fully valid invoice format that can be presented to different public administrations and other authorities.

And, when we talk about electronic invoices, the end result is not very different, because even if we are not handling paper, we also have the freedom to do it through our computers and send it electronically.

In the event that you are in Spain, the best way to give this format is with the Facturae format , an official electronic invoice format that is widely used and recognized at European level. And, it is not too difficult to use, since you only have to find the official Facturae page through a quick Google search and enter there.

Once inside the page, scroll down a bit until you find the part of ” Facturae Format – Technical Information ” and click there. Then, enter the PDF format in Spanish of this format and the format that you must fill out will open, taking into account that each field or data in red is totally mandatory, and the blue ones are optional.

So just fill in the fields and take your time doing it diligently, so that at the end you can have that invoice ready to be shown to any public entity when having to answer for any economic activity.

Is it possible to fill out this invoice in English?

Sure, it is totally possible to have this format in English without the need for a translator, and thus be able to send the invoice to another country. All you have to do is carry out the entire process described above, and when you have to open the PDF file, just open the file that says ” English Version ” and you will have it ready to be filled on your screen.


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