How to divide an image into parts with GIMP

GIMP is a very useful tool for manipulating image files. By downloading the latest version of GIMP , users can make adjustments to the images, change their size or divide them into parts as we explain in this article where you will learn How to divide an image into parts with GIMP easily and quickly

What is GIMP?

GIMP stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program” and refers to an application for editing digital images (photographs and drawings) in bitmap form. The software is free and was created under open source in 1995.

GIMP is considered to be an alternative to Photoshop that has certain particular functionalities. Since GIMP has a totally different interface, you can choose to transform the GIMP interface into Photoshop’s . GIMP is available on platforms such as Windows and GNU / Linux.

GIMP Features

GIMP allows you to process graphics by modifying their sizes, colors, and the use of layers. The program also makes it easy to convert between image formats and create animated files. Users can even easily save and export images in GIMP if they want to use another editing program.

GIMP has a series of tools such as layers, paths, brushes and channels to be able to combine image files in different ways. In addition, GIMP presents tools for painting, selection and for text modification . It is important to note that this program allows the use of commands and macros for the purpose of automating processes.

How to divide an image into parts with GIMP fast and easy

If you want to divide an image into parts easily and quickly, you need to download and install the GIMP image editor in order to take advantage of the functionalities of this program. To do this, follow all the steps that we explain below.

Download and install the GIMP program

Initially, it is essential that you download the GIMP program on your PC. To do this, go to the publisher’s website . Click on the “Menu” and select the “Downloads” option. Locate the GIMP program and proceed to download the installation package to your hard drive.

Once the download process is complete, find the executable file and double-click it to install the GIMP application on the computer.

Open the image with the GIMP program

Locate the GIMP program on your PC. To do this, click on “All applications” in the start menu and search for the application or type “GIMP” (without the quotes) in Windows search engine.

When you access GIMP, you will see a window with a blank image. Select the “File” menu and click “Open.” Find the image file on your hard drive and press the “Open” button.

Use GIMP tools

In the “Image” menu, find the “Filters” button. You’ll see a list of filters available for the image from a drop-down menu. Select the “Map” option. Immediately, you will see a list of filters where you must choose “Map”.

From all the available filters, choose “Small Tiles”. A new dialog window will open where you must complete the different options for the original image and the thumbnail image.

Check the functions

Check the effects that you are going to apply to the image through the “Effects verification” box . To do this, look at the “vertical”, “horizontal” and “flip” options. Later, you can choose the option “Explicit tile”, “Alternate tile” or “All tiles”.

If you select the “Explicit Mosaic” you can set the number of rows and columns by means of a text box that you will see on the screen.

Apply the changes to the image

Click on “Number of segments” and slide the cursor using the slider button. This way, you will get a preview of the thumbnail image with the mosaic effect .

Finally, press the “Accept” button in order to apply the changes. Consequently, the image will be divided into parts thanks to the “Filters” tool.


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